Winter Solstice- Blessings, Forecast & My Favourite Time Of Year!

I have always enjoyed the Solstices. Firstly, the Winter solstice here in Australia is just prior to my birthday and the Summer Solstice is Christmas time. So for me, the Solstices are causes for celebration in more ways than one!

The solstice marks the turning point of the Sun. He either reaches his lowest ascension (Winter) or his highest (Summer). The Sun then appears to hang in the one spot in the sky and eventually, over the upcoming days and weeks, slowly shifts direction. This stopping and changing of the Sun’s direction invites you to also reflect on the previous 6 months, and perhaps even change course slightly.

Here in Brisbane, we don’t get much of a winter. I still have hanging in my spare wardrobe, the long coats and winter jackets I’ve not worn in the nearly 4 years it’s been since I moved here. The Winter Solstice slowly brings us back to longer days, where the morning Sun starts to rise a littler earlier each day, and set a little later at night.

Soon after the change in the Sun’s movement becomes noticeable, you’ll begin to feel Spring in the air- those mornings that combine crisp air with increasing warmth. I’m looking forward to the longer evenings, where it’s light enough to have a late walk and admire the flowers bursting to bloom.

I also enjoy the natural change in diet. Barbeques and salads rather than roasts and winter vegetables. T-shirts and thongs, (FYI we call those flip flop type shoes-think Haviannas, thongs) warm summer breezes and incense blowing from an open window.

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll feel the height of the Sun at his biggest, brightest and most vibrant. At this time, it feels easier to look forward with possibilities as the centre of our Solar System brings warmth and encouragement.

Regardless if you are celebrating the Summer or the Winter, the Solstice is a time to stop, pause and reflect on the last 6 months and set intentions for the next. You may be inspired to action by the heat and light of the Summer Sun or resting and planning under the darker days.

Some keywords associated with the Sun are light, essence, spirit, vitality and soul path. When the Sun- the King of our Solar System, the giver of life, heat and energy, stops and changes direction, it is a call to celebrate our own unique light.

How can you honour your own light and shine in your most giving and vibrant way?

Seasonal Forecasts

In ancient times, astrologers created ingress charts for the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn to gain insight into the season ahead. The Solstice occurs just hours after the Full Moon in Sagittarius (the second Sadge Full Moon in a row).

The Full Moon ruler is Jupiter in Virgo, conjunct the North Node. The Full Moon will cast her brightest light on an area of life that is performing inefficiently or feels bogged down. Tangible progress will be made by tending to details, streamlining your systems, attending to health issues and generally cutting the crap from your life.
You may gain insight as to why a certain routine or ritual is really working, or not, now and make useful and practical improvements.

The Solstice will occur at 8:35am on Tuesday 21st June (AEST) and general astrological influences for this Solstice include;
-The moon is full, but now in her waning phase. Like the year itself, she is half way through her cycle. The seeds you’ve planted and nurtured in the first half of 2016 will promise progression throughout the next 6 months. If you’ve neglected your garden, the next 6 months will take a fair bit of effort to yield a result.

-The Moon is in Capricorn, one of her least favourite signs. This suggests there will be some difficulty or challenge. Capricorn represents determination, reserve and ambition-themes likely to permeate the season. In an Earth sign, practical and tangible results are promised if you get out of your comfort zone.

-Venus conjunct the Sun. This warm embrace will put focus on relationships, particularly your domestic ones. With Venus transiting behind the Sun it’s more about the light you have to give and what you have to offer, rather than what you can get in return.

Jupiter conjunct the North Node- this aspect offers a gateway into the future. Jupiter’s abundance has been tempered during his transit of Virgo, but the last three months of this sojourn will pave the way for new and exciting possibilities once he enters Libra in September.

Happy Solstice x

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