What If? Jupiter direct in Sagittarus

For a while now, I’ve been following Ramit Sethi on Instagram. He’s an entrepreneur who teaches people how to earn and invest money.

What I enjoy most about his content isn’t learning about money per se, but more so the psychology, habits and beliefs most of us have around it. His inquisitive nature questions why people do what they do with a resource we spend so much of our lives obtaining, stressing about or not utilising to its highest potential.

So when I looked up his birthday, (June 30, 1982, time unknown, California) I wasn’t surprised to see the Moon (needs and habits) and Jupiter (beliefs and resources), both in Scorpio (deep probing and investigative). His Mercury and Venus, co-present in Gemini makes him likeable and pleasant to listen to.

I personally love his open-ended and thought- provoking question he asks a lot.

What is your rich life?

Now, it’s not what you think it might be coming from a financial advisor. It’s not about confirming common beliefs such as ‘if I can just earn XYX dollars, I’ll be sweet,’ or ‘once I’ve paid my mortgage, then I’ll be happy’ or ‘I need to stick to a budget in order to save money.’ That’s Saturn talking, and a huge part of our conditioning around abundance overall.

I see Saturn’s influence in client sessions, especially when questions around career, finance and purpose pop up. If you’ve had a consultation with me, you might have had me ask you some of my favourite ‘what if’ questions.

“What if money, responsibility and obligation weren’t an issue, what would you do with yourself? “What if you could be those things you wanted to be when you were a child, before boys/girls and bills came along?’

Then I see eyes widen with dreams of a distant past for a moment. Then defences rise, ‘I can’t do that,’ or ‘I’m too old,’ or ‘I can’t afford it.’ Saturn’s cold dry influence quells the spark before it ignites into a flame.

You see, as children, you’re encouraged to dream and imagine. If you do it as an adult, you’re a daydreamer, gonna-doer or a no-hoper.
Other people, often those who are meant to have your best interests at heart, will be quick in cutting you back to size if you dare to follow your dreams or ponder the possibility of ‘what if’ questions.

In some ways, I think Ramit rephrases my ‘what if’ question in a more direct (oh so Scorpio) fashion;
What does a rich life mean to you?

(Hint; think Jupiter)

Let me give you some ideas…

– Being able to work doing something that inspires you.
– Never having to make choices based on necessity.
– Having enough security that allows you to be flexible or spontaneous with your choices.
– If friends or family interstate or overseas became ill or announced a wedding, you could book an airfare, knowing it wouldn’t affect your ability to pay the rent that month. You could even stay in an AirBnB if you wanted to, rather than the guest room at your Aunt’s place!
– If you work for yourself, being able to hire out administrivia tasks so you can focus on scaling up and getting more creative in your business.
– If you’re employed, being able to work from home more often.
– Creating magical and meaningful experiences for your children. Maybe you and your partner would like to have them sans children occasionally.
– The ability to never have to work with someone you don’t like or don’t respect ever again.
– Having the freedom and flexibility to choose how you spend your time.
– Buying the things you actually like, rather than what you can afford.
– Being able to donate to charity or causes that move you.
– Being generous, because you can and not having to count the cost.
– Ticking off items from your bucket list.
– Buying a luxury item, just because.
– Eating at better restaurants.
– More time with loved ones.

I could go on and on, but hopefully that list prompts you to dream bigger and about exactly what your rich life might look like.

In order to dream bigger, you’ll need to remove some of the smaller, yet challenging stuff that gets in your way.

This means allowing your beliefs (Jupiter) to be bigger than your real or perceived limitations (Saturn).

These limitations may be some of your inherited ideas about life and what is possible, many of which are unconscious. Many of these attitudes to abundance stem from parental, family or cultural influences.

– “It’s rude to ask someone how much they paid for something”
– “You don’t ask someone how much they earn”
– “Don’t tell people how much you earn”
– “Money changes people”
– “Money is the root of all evil”
– “You don’t talk about money”

Sound familiar?

This conditioning prevents us from being able to engage in open and honest conversations, not only with others, but most importantly, ourselves.

These old ideas about abundance become a handbrake on your dreams, because, like it or not, money influences your ability to choose how you live life, in both large and small ways.

Together, this affects our notion of self-worth and self-belief (Jupiter). It instils, fear, denial and avoidance, (Saturn). The education system doesn’t teach you how to earn, invest and manage money, it teaches you how to get a job.

To dare to dream what a rich life might look like can feel risky as it may challenge the deepest and most ingrained ideas you have about yourself, and what is possible for you.

Having a rich life doesn’t have to be just about money. It’s about opening your mind, reformulating an ingrained belief and following a path that brings meaning and purpose, leading to increased happiness, joy and prosperity.

The astrology of recent months has brought front and center some of these limitations about our ability to earn and attract abundance in all its forms, including financial, spiritual and emotional. By facing the sheer reality of what is and isn’t working in certain aspects of life, a clean slate has been left from which to rebuild with a renewed sense of hope and ethusiasm.

So, what is your rich life?

Jupiter has been retrograde since April, which may have halted the progress that had shown signs of ripening since November 2018. Grand plans and dreams becoming stalled can be deflating to the spirit, giving rise to doubt, uncertainty and reinforcing old beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies.

On August 11, Jupiter stations direct in its fiery domicile of Sagittarius, where until December 3, a cosmic invitation to start shooting the arrows of your hopes, dreams and visions of the future toward vast horizons is on offer.

From Sagittarius, Jupiter is in aversion (forms no aspect) to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn, nor Uranus in Taurus. Thus, the potential for blockages or disruptions are greatly reduced.

In Sagittarius, Jupiter makes an opportunistic trine to the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Leo throughout August. Thus, highlighting that dreams have a greater chance of manifesting under mutual alliance and shared optimism. Collaboration and communication with important or influential people that can help ignite the pilot light under your dreams, assisting you in bursting into a brilliant flame.

Kick those fears, negative naysayers or those that don’t fan your flames to the curb and ask yourself,

What is my rich life?

Then go and get it.


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