WellBeing Astrology Guide 2020

For several years now, I’ve contributed articles to the WellBeing Astrology Guide.

I’m proud to announce that this year, I wrote the year ahead horoscopes!

As always, this publication is jam packed from cover to cover with astrology articles from some of the top astrologers from around the globe.

If you’ve never read this magazine, you’ll be surprised to discover that it features no advertisements, so it’s more like a book that will grace your shelves as a useful reference for years to come!

Featured within it;

Finding Joy in the Birth Chart by Leisa Schaim

Your Midheaven, Career and Life Direction by Frank Clifford

Change and Innovation: Uranus Transits by Alicia Yusuf

Transformation with Saturn and Pluto by Lynn Bell

Your Age and the 12 Houses: A Simple Look at Annual Profections by Kenneth Miller

Saturn in Aquarius by Tony Howard

An Introduction to Planetary Magic by Kaitlin Coppock

2020 Global Astrology Trends by Ed Tamplin

Eastern Influence: Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui
for 2020 by Dean French

Moon Phases: Wellness and Weight Loss by Kira Sutherland

Event Charts by Wade Caves

An Introduction to Fixed Stars
by Kenneth Miller

With Jupiter in Capricorn being a theme for 2020, articles on successful business personalities include;

Ita Butterose by Alicia Yusuf

Richard Branson
by Samual Reynolds

Lorna Jane Clarkson by Cassandra Tyndall

You can get your copy here with the following two options;

Online digital copy

Hard in print copy from Universal Publications. The shipping costs outside of Australia are expensive, but as I mentioned above, these high quality magazines will be a part of your astrological book collection for years to come!

If you’re within Australia, pop down to your local newsagent and get your copy. They tend to sell fast so don’t delay!

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