Weekend Astrology 28- 31 July

The heavens have been a little quiet this week with the most action coming from Mercury.
Yesterday (Wednesday), he made an electric aspect to Uranus, which proved for many, including myself, to be the bearer of good news! I hope you got a good dose of cosmic connections, a new perspective or a bright idea about how to move forward.
Friday delivers Mercury’s most tricky connection of the week- a square to Mars. When bright and extroverted Leo mashes up against a darker and more introspective Scorpio, you can expect a clash of words and will.
With fixed signs occupying a tense 90-degree angle, you may feel the friction between who you have to be out there in the world and who you want to be.
Mars in Scorpio demands honesty in action. If you feel unsettled in a certain situation, or that your light has been dimmed. Be upfront and honest. Talk about it!

A new day brings a new phase for Mercury as he shifts into Virgo, where he holds both rulership and exaltation- offering the best of the best for Mercury.
He maintains this peak condition until August 29, where he’ll station retrograde. Mercury’s strength will be severely reduced potentially making this backward passage from 29-14 degrees of Virgo more disorientating than most! More on Mercury to come!

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