Weekend Astro- Libra Equinox + Mercury Direct

At 00:40am AEST Thursday, the Sun will enter tropical Libra, heralding the Spring Equinox here in the South and the Autumn Equinox on the Northern end of the Globe.

Latin for ‘equal night,’ the Equinox at this time of year, and in late March is when the time of day and night is almost equal. Here in the South, the Sun is at the half way mark to his journey to his highest ascension, the Solstice in December. Of course, the reverse is true for our Northern friends.

This balance between day and night, light and dark, the Sun and the Moon is further emphasised by Jupiter’s current transit in Libra. The Great Benefic in the social and diplomatic sign can operate like a form of social lubricant, but if the scales are out of balance and can’t be brought back into equilibrium….well, we need look no further than Brad and Angelina to see how that can pan out.

Venus’ co-presence in Libra will also highlight diplomacy and overall good will. Truth, honesty and kindness will be the hallmarks of social interaction until Saturday, when Venus makes her way through the murky waters of Scorpio until October 19.

Thursday afternoon at 3:30pm, Mercury will end is three-week back-track through Virgo. Confusion paves way for clarity as swift Mercury regains speed. Issues that have been muddled, taken way too long, or general crossed-wires will begin to sort themselves out.

Mercury begins direct movement in an exact trine to Pluto. Regaining clarity may take shape in the form of secrets being revealed or the truth coming to light.

There have been some examples in the news recently of how this aspect can manifest. The 11- month long search for the killer of a murdered school girl here in Brisbane ended, the documentary about JonBenet Ramsay was aired, and the human remains found at the bottom of the ocean from the Antikythera shipwreck– some 2000 years later! All secrets and mysteries coming to light through the painstaking sifting through details that Mercury Retrograde in Virgo highlights.

Mercury moves direct just shy of its exaltation degree of 15 Virgo. From the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere, Mercury will have crossed this threshold. At this Zodiacal point, insights, clarity and new perspectives can show up to be exceptionally powerful. Mercury was last at this part of the Zodiac on August 11 and 12. Casting your mind back five weeks ago may unlock the mystery surrounding your own personal situation.

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