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Elections also known as inceptions are one of my favourite branches of astrology. Picking an auspicious time to embark upon important projects or events is challenging and fun!

This post might be a tad overwhelming if you don’t know much about astrology, but you may find it of interest if you might like to pick a date at sometime yourself.

As many of you may know, I’ve had a hiatus from astrology for a few years now so I really wanted to make an impact with my new astro site! I decided to utilise the omens of the stars to help bring me success as well as other qualities I want out of this venture!

The Chart:

1 December 2015
1:30am AEST
Brisbane, Australia

One of the more challenging aspects of selecting an inception chart is that of the practical element of time. Often some of the best inceptions occur at times that aren’t appropriate. Fortunately, a website doesn’t need to be launched during standard business hours. I also had the fortune of my web developer being in a time zone 4.5 hours behind mine, so he didn’t have to stay up late!

Another point to make is that the electional chart needs to have context in relation to the undertaking you’re choosing an election for.
By this I mean the chart needs to have what I refer to as an ‘anchor point.’ This most often is a combination of the Natal Chart (advisable but not essential) and information on what the venture itself is about. It is no benefit to choose a chart that has desirable planetary conditions if it’s not going to bring about the most favourable outcome for the person/s seeking guidance.

To be honest, it wasn’t easy to choose the most auspicious time and it rarely ever is. Like life itself, you have to make the best with the cards you’re dealt. I wanted the site up within a certain window of time and had to go with what planetary weather was available.

The window that I was looking at was around November 18 – 3rd of December. I would have loved Mercury to be better placed but that wasn’t possible for several months yet. So I waited until he was past his meeting with Saturn and well on his way to a benefic trine with Uranus- which is very good for technology related matters.

So I then had to select an anchor point. I figured if I put the degree of my Sun (4 Cancer) as the degree of the Midheaven, I’d get a Libra rising chart using the Whole Signs house system. Mars in the first house, (not so great) but I’d get Venus not only in her own sign but together with the most benefic of all the Fixed Stars- Spica!
Technically Venus ruled ascendant is just past the 6 degree mark (06′ 38”) and in the terms of Venus- a double dose of one of the great benefics in the first house was hard to pass up!

Next was the Midheaven (house of career/vocation) ruler, the Moon. Placed in Leo in the 11th house. At 7 degrees, she’s in the terms of Venus, the planet of connection and support in groups.
One of the reasons I chose the time of 1:30am is that this puts the Moon in a separating aspect (just) from Saturn and applying to trine the Sun. This is symbolic of the Moon emerging from the darkest and most cold planet to reaching toward the hottest and most bright. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun in Sagittarius culminates in heat, light and ascension, peaking at the solstice. This shows promise of an onwards and upwards theme with the website, growing in light. Another plus side to choosing December 1 is that in this chart, the Sun is in the terms of Jupiter and in Jupiters sign.

Mercury in Sagittarius is not a great placement, but he’s applying to square Jupiter in Virgo and they are mutually receptive of each other. Meaning, that Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign and Mercury is in Jupiter’s sign. This is mutual reception where each planet can offer the other one a leg up so to speak. By sharing resources the negative qualities of their current sign placement is reduced or mitigated.

Mercury is also trining Uranus- a helpful pairing of planets for communication and technology. This combination is great for spreading the word, light bulb ideas and thinking outside the box!
Mercury is also the 9th house ruler, the house associated with astrology.

One of the downsides of this election was having both Jupiter and the North Node in the 12th house. Generally it would not be wise to have two benefic chart factors in a house where they have little power to act. As is often the case with electional astrology, you have to pick one favourable chart factor at the expense of another. I did grapple upon this.
When I find myself in this position, the best solution is to ponder the wise words of our astrological forefathers, in this case William Lilly;

Spica prenotes the Native to attaine the chiefest Degree of Ecclesiasticall preferment, or a rich Benefice, with applause and great Estimation, and substance attending it, and all these for the admirable parts of his ingenuity; all matters or affairs he has to do with Veneriall or Mercuriall men, succeed well.

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