Virgo New Moon + Mercury Direct – Confusion and Clarity

This week brings two features to mid-September that is indicative of fresh starts and turn arounds – A New Moon at 21 Virgo.

New Moon Details
Brisbane: September 15, 11:39am
New York: September 14, 9:39pm
: September 15, 2:39am

Plus, Mercury station direct at 8 Virgo on the 15th / 16th, completing his retrograde phase.

These two features combined, brings a resetting quality that can help you push past recent confusion and uncertainty.

The New Moon in Virgo plus Mercury direct helps you get back to regular programming, especially where things have lacked clarity, have been confusing or created chaos in your life since late August.

If you’ve been tinkering at a problem for a while and just as you’re about to tear your hair out, you may get a sudden piece of news or a flash of insight that helps you make your next decision over the next several days.

You might find the devil in the details which can help you move forward. This may involve planning, logistics, organising things, getting things finalised or completed – especially if there have been delays, crossed wires or things taking longer than they otherwise would have.

The New Moon is ideal for fresh starts and new beginnings. New Moons are often described as planting a seed. This might be monthly intentions or new goals in the area of life where the New Moon falls in your birth chart.

This New Moon, however, may symbolise a seed that takes a little bit longer to germinate – like a capsicum (peppers) for instance.

The lunation has two features that tell us that things still may take time – the ruler of this New Moon is Mercury in Virgo, who is at a standstill and the lunation at 21 Virgo opposes Neptune at 26 Pisces.

A Virgo New Moon is like a clean slate that can assist you in planning, organising, streamlining, decluttering and detoxifying.

If I just do this or that, then that or this will be ok.

If I just figure out this problem, then everything will fall into place.

If I just do better, apply myself more, work harder or give more then it will all work out.

A dominance of Virgo puts emphasis on improvement and perfection.

Be mindful of perfect being the enemy of the good.

Virgo, ruled by Mercury is a cerebral sign. It’s also Earth, so being connected to the Earth and the body is vital.

This is a clue that this New Moon is very much about getting back into balance with the mind and the body and finding alignment with your thoughts and ideas as well as your feelings.

Take a deep breath and slowly let it out. What is your body telling you?

There is a stripped back quality to the New Moon in Virgo that suggests – less is more. When you can strip back, it’s easier to get clear about the ideas and thoughts that might be circling your mind, causing stress or anxiety.

Enter Neptune

Neptune is a planet that diffuses, confuses and is often associated with a lack of clarity and focus.
You might find yourself in a position where choices and decisions need to be made, but you still aren’t sure of what the outcome will look like.

You might be feeling fearful of outcomes that are unquantifiable, incalculable or unknown. The next two weeks until the New Moon in Aries might be about trusting that you don’t need all the t’s crossed and the I’s dotted to make a choice and move forward.

There is a real possibility of paralysis analysis if you overdo the Virgo function now. Neptune staring down the barrel of this New Moon is asking you to trust in the possibilities of the unknown and have faith in facts you might not yet understand.

This lunation might be about hedging your bets against the things you can be sure about, but remaining open ended about what might happen. Virgo is a mutable sign, after all.

Sometimes, when we feel lost or uncertain, we doubt ourselves rather than trust ourselves. That is the challenge of a Neptune influence – to go with the flow but not go with the flow so much that you lose a sense of yourself or of reality.

 Neptune can bring a feeling of deep fatigue. A bone kind of tired. The kind of tired that can bring you to a tipping point. That tipping point can help you realise that you need to surrender or let something go.

And this is where the reset of a Virgo New Moon can help you weigh things up, analyse the pros and cons and hedge those bets accordingly.
This week focus on the areas that can be measured or managed and leave the rest to the Universe.

In my opinion, though the Neptune opposition is likely to be more FELT aspect here, there is also a trine to Uranus.
This might suggest a sudden, yet welcome turn of events or a willingness to try something new, unique or different. Uranus may bring the flash of insight that helps you consider a new perspective.
If you’re stuck in a rut or feeling like you’re chasing your own tail with indecision or uncertainty, making a move you wouldn’t have considered, may be just want you need to get a situation moving again.

Mercury Station

Mercury is the ruler of this New Moon and at the time of the lunation, he starts to move forward. Now, on paper, this all looks dandy that things are moving onwards and upwards but things will still take time.
Mercury doesn’t get off the station degree until the 21st  / 22nd  which is the Libra Equinox so things will still take a while to come clear or fully reveal themselves.
So while a New Moon with its ruler direct, at first glance looks like a brilliant turnaround – and it is, it will still take time for the details to become clear and new choices to be locked in. So this week, avoid thinking that everything will instantly become resolved and solutions to problems will be found.

However, a reanimated Moon and its ruler stationing direct are definitely signs that things are coming back into alignment.
John Frawley many moons ago taught me of the idea of the Moon and Mercury in the natal chart being in the same sign is a signature of an organised mind. Over the coming week or two, you may find is easier for your thoughts and feelings to be congruent or in agreement with each other. This may not be the perfect outcome you wanted but it may be enough to at least get moving after a period of chaos, confusion and uncertainty.

You may even be surprised that the choices and decisions you never thought you’d make, turn out to be perfectly imperfect.

How are you seeing these themes play out for you? Tell me in the comments below!

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