Venus sextile Pluto

Pluto speaks to themes of darkness, intensity, power and truth. When Venus moves to form a sextile aspect to Pluto, there is an opportunity to reach new levels of honesty in a key relationship, either with someone else, or within your own self.

This aspect happens on October 25 at 20 degrees Scorpio / Capricorn.

In combination, these planets highlight supportive confrontation. Pluto’s probing influence can support Venus’ desire for closeness and togetherness.

It may mean being totally honest in a new way, especially with Venus in Scorpio. Revealing your vulnerabilities, fears and insecurities can lead to intimacy, which is what Venus and Pluto can do so well together, and what both planets ultimately want.

Vulnerability doesn’t equate with being exposed. It’s about having the courage to be seen in an honest light. It’s about speaking up, setting a boundary, being honest about how you feel. This is the kind of territory Scorpio revels in. It reminds me of the phrase ‘show your scars, not your wounds.’

If you’re not in a relationship, this celestial influence can point the way toward overcoming some of your biggest fears around closeness or togetherness. Someone with whom you share a special bond with, may help you discover a hidden gem or a buried treasure within your heart. This could be a friend, mentor or someone you respect.

As this aspect occurs shortly after the Sun’s entrance into Scorpio (October 23/24) this will be a period for drawing or pulling in. The reflective quality of Scorpio season will naturally highlight relationships during this cycle as Mars, the ruler of Scorpio tours Libra.

This internal and introspective energy may prompt you to consider your deepest needs and desires, and allow anything inauthentic to fall away like Autumn’s leaves. (Yes, it is Spring here in Australia, but our astrological symbolism is derived from the North!)

As the veil between worlds grows thinner in preparation for Samhain, your own intuition can become strengthened or guidance from other realms may become more obvious.
As Venus and Pluto connect this week, consider the way you can transform your life through increased harmony, support, love and joy.

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