Venus Retrograde in Gemini

Venus will station retrograde on May 12 (13 in Australia) at 21 degrees Gemini, where she’ll continue to reverse until June 25 until she reaches 5 Gemini.Venus has a retrograde cycle every 18 – 19 months that lasts approximately 40 days. Unlike other planets, Venus’ retrograde cycle is very unique because every 8 years, she’ll back-track through almost the exact same territory in the zodiac.

The last time Venus retrograde occurred in Gemini:
May 15 – 28 June, 2012
23 – 7 degrees
May 17 – June 29, 2004
26 – 9 degrees

Next time;
May 10 – 22, 2028
19 – 3 degrees

Venus first arrived in Gemini on April 4, where she’ll remain until August 8.
By April 9, she swiftly reached 5 Gemini, the degree where she’ll eventually turn direct on June 25. Since shortly after her ingress, Venus quickly cast her retrograde shadow, prompting reflection about Venusian topics including beauty, art and relationships. Now arriving at 21 Gemini, the degree of the retrograde station, these Venusian topics intensify, as Aphrodite herself halts to a standstill and begins her decent into the night sky.

By late May, she’ll no longer be visible at sunset and will remain retrograde for a little over 40 days. The retrograde signifies a period of reflection and renewal that can manifest as a literal changes in direction, shifting of desires and essential values, especially around the things you thought you wanted.

As Venus descends into the darkness, you too may find yourself in a place of withdrawal and contemplation. Out of all the planetary retrogrades, Venus is often the most internal and problematic, especially in the domain of relationships and authentic wants. While retrograde, Venus can bring a deep awareness about how much you are trading off your own happiness for the sake of someone else’s.

Venus signifies life’s pleasures, those things you like to do when the jobs are done and the bills are paid. Venus is associated with the five senses and all the earthly luxuries including flowers, fruit, music, art, pleasure, wine, celebrations, relationships, beauty and aesthetics. As Venus draws close to Earth and changes direction, her influence on these topics become obvious, including the awareness of any longings associated with them.

As Venus stations in range of a second complicated square aspect with Neptune that will become exact on May 20/21 (first was May 3 / 4), cravings for what was, or what could be, may become potent. The seductive influence of Neptune may lure you into a magical mystery tour of sorts, but it will be your choice if the ride will be worth the hangover. It can be helpful to take your cues from Venus while she’s retrograde and don’t expect any choices made during this cycle to last much further beyond it.

In Gemini, rather than emotional bonds, Venus is stimulated by intellectual connections. A multiplicity of attractions can lead to more excitement, but are less likely to reach an end point. Anything new begun now may be a flash in the pan, but through a fluid or adaptable approach, you’ll be better able to hold the duality between the preferred and the possible. Curiosity, rather than attachment to outcomes, may be the key that leads you to exploring a forgotten corner of your own desires.  

The retrograde period allows us to get into that space of deep awareness of what our actual vision of relationship is, to both ones self and to others, and how that aligns with our own personal desires. Then, re-writing that contract.

In the midst of the on-going COVID – 19 pandemic, the way we relate to each other has changed significantly. We’ve already collectively experienced a period contemplation due to social distancing protocols and various lockdown situations across many parts of the globe. Now, as Venus changes direction and economies begin to re-open, a noticeable shift in what is valued is likely. The challenge of this retrograde may lie in the lure of normality, despite what our core needs long for.

While Venus’ interplay with Neptune can heighten desire and lead us into a world of delightful temptation and creative imagination, it can also bring confusion and illusion that lacks grounding and stability. As we move forward toward some kind of new normal, it will continue to be unclear what that entails exactly. The next few weeks in particular may be akin to driving through a thick fog. Finding new and creative ways to operate in society, while trying to find facts afloat in a sea of misinformation and conspiracy theories may force us to adapt as fresh data, rather than fantasies come to light.

Insight in the form of Mercury in Gemini conjoined Venus may bring a proverbial seed worth planting under the Gemini New Moon on May 23. This influence may support giving voice or finding an outlet for any creative rumblings or changes within your inner landscape that have been simmering beneath the surface throughout May. With the fogginess of Neptune still in effect, the way forward isn’t exactly clear, but will likely blossom as the months progress.

Another flash of clarity and insight is possible once Venus forms her fusion with the Sun on June 3 at 13 Gemini, marking the halfway point of her retrograde phase. As she enters the furnace of the Sun, Venus and all her significations become purified and re-envisioned. While this process can be empowering and transformative, it’s not necessarily easy. Clarity doesn’t always deliver the vision one wants.

Just prior to Venus’ union with the Sun, Mars will form a tense square to Venus, from her exaltation in Pisces on June 2. Mars itself is fused with Neptune, and together may cut away confusion or add a level of heat and intensity, arousing passion within relationships. A new level of creative focus or inspired desire can help you exploit imaginative powerhouse of Neptune. The Venus/Sun conjunction in combination with the Mars/Neptune Square occurs under the building penumbral eclipse at 15 Sagittarius on June 5. Thus, marking the first eclipse just as the Nodes settle into Gemini and Sagittarius for the next 18 months. If you have planets or angles between 12 – 16 of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, the first week of June may be as disruptive as it is revealing.

June 13 will portend to another notable facet of Venus’ retrograde cycle, her appearance as a morning star. Although still retrograde and under the Sun’s rays, her emergence in the pre-dawn sky sees Venus empowered, refreshed and vibrant. This assertive and independent version of Venus may indicate a sense of inner knowing about your passions, desires and relationships that the retrograde cycle prompted you to excavate.  Just as Venus re-appears, her ruler Mercury begins its own retrograde phase in Cancer on June 17. June 25 / 26 sees Venus station direct at 5 Gemini, where you too may finally begin to move forward. Again, this important punctuation of Venus’ cycle occurs just days after a total solar eclipse at 0 Cancer, on the June solstice.

Thus last two weeks of Venus’ retrograde cycle is especially compelling and revelatory, as her return to the morning skies not only see her change direction, but also her ruler, Mercury, all happening during an eclipse season. The transitions and turning points anticipated with Venus stationing direct are likely to be potent. Under the backdrop of other significant changes, Venus’ return to the morning skies signifies the sovereignty and independence required to venture into new social norms, while remaining connected to your core desires and non-negotiable values.

If you’d like to learn more about the current Venus retrograde in Gemini cycle, you might enjoy this YouTube video.

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  1. Very interesting and insightful. As a Gemini, I have already felt the effects of Venus retrograde during her shadow phase. I feel I can turn this to my overall advantage with this additional information. Thank you Cassandra x

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