Venus Retrograde in Aries

Tomorrow evening, March 3, Venus will station retrograde in the sign of Aries.
Although Venus takes a backward path every 18 months or so, it’s been 8 years since she did so in Aries. A big key to working out what this transit may mean for you will be casting your mind back to events that came to pass in March/April 2009.

In Aries, the sign of the self, Venus already has difficulty in expressing her true nature of unifying and connecting. While retrograde, connecting with the ‘self’ becomes intensified. You might come to the conclusion that something you’re investing a lot of personal energy into is no longer worth it.

Feeling unappreciated for your efforts in love or friendship may also be heightened over the next 40 days.
As a part of her retrograde tour, Venus will backtrack into one of her favourite signs, Pisces. Here is where the purest sweetness and compassion Venus as to offer can be found. This occurs in the final 10 days of her retrograde period, where you can ‘get out of your head’ and tap into the deepest needs of your soul- all of which is part of the process of working out what you want in life, the eternal battle of the needs of head and the heart. From April 28, she’ll be refreshed and renewed and back in Aries, offering you another bite of the apple for what it is you really want.

There is a lot of fire in the sky right now with Mars, Venus, Saturn and Uranus all occupying the element associated with progress, action and movement.

Straight off the backfoot of Monday’s eclipse, Jupiter and Uranus perfect their second of three aspects. The first occurred at 20 degrees Aries/Libra in December, the current opposition is at 22 degrees and the September and October alignment perfects at 27 degrees.

Under this electric energy, the possibility of sudden opportunities for growth and expansion are likely. This influence holds the promise of forward progress, helping you leapfrog a few steps, bringing the future closer to your reality.

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