Venus retrograde and the Return of Forgotten Pleasures

Venus’ retrograde from 28 – 12 degrees Leo – from July 23 – September 4 can be a time where themes of joy, pleasure and fun can be difficult to connect to.

When Venus retrogrades, she descends into the Western horizon and embarks upon her journey into the underworld for around 40 days. During this cycle, there are micro cycles where Venus’ visibility and solar phase shifts and changes. As such, we may experience different events which offer new insights and perspectives.

Venus eventually disappears from the night sky around August 2, when she reaches 15 degrees of separation from the Sun. Around then you may find it increasingly difficult to connect with sources of abovementioned joy, pleasure and fun. Your current habits and attitudes regarding lifes’ pleasures will undergo a process of reassessment and realignment, which may bring losses in some areas and gains in others.

Instead of seeking outlets of fun, creativity and connection externally, you may find yourself turning within and remembering something you had let slip by the wayside.

The Return of Forgotten Joys

If you’re a member of the Golden Circle Club or caught my latest YouTube video on Venus retrograde, you’ll know that for the majority of 2023, I had lost my gym mojo. While I had no regrets with the way I was spending my spare time, (have you seen my garden pics on Instagram?) it was time I got back into doing what I’ve loved for years, lifting heavy things.

The arrival of Venus retrograde inspired me to get back to a hobby that I dearly missed. Yesterday morning on Mars (my time lord) day, I donned my new Metallica t-shirt (it was a Sad But True shirt, if you’re wondering) and headed to the gym. As I picked up the dumbbells (albeit a little lighter than I’d prefer) I reacquainted myself with the glorious feeling of adrenalin pumping through my veins and overcoming the challenge of the weight.
I even had a chat with someone in the gym I hadn’t seen since I left my former gym nearly a year ago. It’s not unusual to reconnect with people from the past under Venus retrograde.

During this time, you too might turn your attention away from the everyday habits and regular routines and connections you make in order to make room for the things that really set your heart on fire – Venus is in Leo after all!
It’s not uncommon to turn your attention within when Venus retrogrades. You may be less interested in interacting on social media. A quieter schedule when it comes to social activities may be required. If you do opt to be social, you’ll likely be less interested in casual connections, preferring to spend time with those you know will refill your cup.

Restoking the Fire of Desire

While in the underworld, Venus reconnects with the Sun on August 14. This is the turning point for Venus where she becomes reinfused with the Sun’s life force and vitality.
Re-energised and reanimated, it’s likely you’ll gain new ideas, perspectives and revelations about Venus topics in your life – or within the area of life ruled by your Leo house. You might reach a new awareness about what will bring you the sense of joy you need.

From there, she’ll start to ascend and return to visibility in the east as a Morning Star rising before the Sun on August 22.
Embodying the warrior princess archetype, Venus returns confident, independent and spirited. She knows what she wants, needs and how to get and in Leo, she’ll except nothing less than the best.

After a period of rediscovery and renewal, Venus will end her retrograde on September 4 where you can expect a return to regular, yet improved programming when it comes to joy, happiness and pleasure.

What themes have come up for you with Venus retrograde?

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