Venus Opposite Mars and Doorways of Desire

Celestial lovers Venus and Mars are in their respective corners across the sky, occupying 9 degrees Leo and Aquarius, perfecting on June 22.

Combined, these two planets spotlight desires, though they differ. Venus has a binding or uniting focus. She likes to bring things together. Mars prefers to separate things, and has a quality of separating, cutting and can have an aggressive approach.

If you’re an avid reader of mine or other astrology blogs, you’ll know that Full Moons are often associated with choices. That’s a time each month when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other. Venus and Mars are now in the full moon phase of their cycle. You may experience a peak or culmination of events that started at their most recent ‘new moon’ cycle, or the conjunction that took place in Virgo on October 5 – 7 2017.

Doorways of Desire

Imagine someone knocks at your front door, and at the exactly the same time, someone knocks on your back door. It’s impossible to answer both at the same time. The nature of the opposition demands a choice, especially when you either don’t want to make one, or are avoiding it.

As Venus and Mars are now standing at opposite doors, finding a compromise between differing wants may cause tension.
Venus in Leo wants to be recognised and adored. Her standards are high and she expects nothing less. She has a lot to give, but also demands a lot in return.

Mars in Aquarius can be a little aloof and needs freedom to explore what sets their spirit of fire. They don’t like to be tied down or held to rigid standards.

I’m often asked how do I balance an opposition? You don’t. Like a see saw, if it’s balanced, no one goes anywhere. The nature of the opposition demands clarity and honesty. Even if that causes stress, tension or confrontation, being clear about what you want can help achieve a workable compromise.

The contention building this week may lie in not feeling seen, heard or recognised or perhaps you’re feeling restricted, controlled or having impossible standards set upon you.

Notice what irritates you this week. Are your needs more demanding than usual? Perhaps you’re needing more time alone.
Rash choices or impulsive action under feel tempting under Venus’ fiery influence and Mars’ penchant for impatience. As this aspect occurs under Mars’ station degree, choices now may not be easily reversed or undone. In fact, these issues may play out for a while due to Mars’ retrograde influence in the upcoming months.

If you’re interested in learning more about the upcoming Mars retrograde, you can read about it here.
If you’d like to explore its influence in your own life, you can book in for a specialised Mars retrograde reading.

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