Venus in Scorpio

This post is adapted from my original writing from 2015.

Venus takes on a different face as she leaves the sign of Libra and enters the deep still waters of Scorpio from October 8/9 – November 1 – 2.

Scorpio adds intensity and passion to the essence of Venus, to relate and unite. Feelings tend toward the secretive in Scorpio and they are intensely private. Trust needs to be established by asking questions and delving into the motivations of the other person. This can hinder or delay the progress of relating. Unlike Venus in Libra who can take things at face value and give the benefit of the doubt, Venus in Scorpio needs to eradicate all doubt before opening up with her intense and compulsive desires.

As a fixed water sign, Scorpio doesn’t give away their emotions without careful consideration. This can lead to feeling like you’re being tested and in a way you are. Scorpio is reluctant to trust, but when they do it’s complete and consuming.

Venus in Scorpio seeks depth in her relations. The flirty social butterfly you will not find here, instead she prefers to dig, delve and observe those she interacts with. Given her transit is in the midst of party season, you may find yourself preferring to be in the company of those you can really connect with as opposed to events where you have to mingle and keep things light.

Venus in Scorpio is about truth, trust and honesty. This is one Venus that won’t let you easily break a promise or dishonour a commitment. To their credit, Venus in Scorpio is also true to their word!

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