Venus in Sagittarius

Venus will enter the archers sign early Tuesday evening Australian time. After a sojourn through the murky depths of Scorpio, Venus the planet of love enters Sagittarius. Moving from a fixed to a mutable sign, you can expect relationships too, to take on a more flexible or adaptable mood.

In the element of fire, Sagittarius is positive and daring. Variety is the spice of life in Sadge’s world, so until November 12, your romantic world and relations in general will need fresh experiences and an optimistic attitude.

During her time in Sagittarius, Venus will make a series of aspects to other planets which will tone or modify Venus’ expression.

Sextile Jupiter and Square Neptune- 25-28 October
This planetary pile up working in combination can enhance romance and togetherness. Jupiter will help you remain objective and remain open to other perspectives. At the same time, Neptune has an inspiring and diffusing quality that can promote a lack of boundaries- which can be ideal in the throws of passion but could be problematic if there is a lack of equality between you.

Conjunct Saturn- 29-31 October
Saturn lends an enduring and practical quality that can ensure love can really last. Bonds can be strengthened and solidified, but if cracks are showing, Saturn can split them right open. Venus conjunct Saturn can highlight a lack of love or affection. This aspect reminds me of the term made popular by Gwyneth Paltrow, ‘conscious uncoupling.’ Under Saturn’s touch, reality checks or seeing things for exactly what they are not are hard to miss.

Trine Uranus 4-6 November
This planetary pairing can add a dose of excitement and unpredictability which is right at home in Sagittarius’ world. This aspect is ideal for shaking a little salt on your love life especially if things have grown tired or mundane. Uranus is also a planet associated with volatility and change. If you feel your personal freedoms are limited within a current love situation, Uranus may provide the impetus to break free.

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