Venus in Sagittarius – a welcome change in weather

Venus arrives in Sagittarius on November 16 until December 10 and with her, she brings a renewed sense of optimism and inspiration toward all things relationships, luxury and pleasure.

October and the early part of November brought some of 2022’s most challenging skies. And while the ingress of one of the faster moving planets generally doesn’t bring significant events, it can certainly bring a welcome relief in the weather.

Even though Venus has no special gift or talent in Sagittarius – known as peregrine, she does have an interesting journey through this particular cycle.

In Sagittarius, she looks to Jupiter’s influence for support and guidance. Jupiter is currently back in Pisces – its own sign until December 20, and Pisces is the Venus is exalted. So while Venus has no essential dignity in Sagittarius, she has an abundance of support – known as mutual reception from Jupiter.

Combined, they share an affinity with each other and also form as aspect – the square, which perfects on December 10, at 29 degrees of Sagittarius / Pisces.

Now some people may question the prosperity of this pairing due to the square aspect. Given where Venus has currently been – in Scorpio, the place of her detriment, and implicated in two eclipses, I’ll take the square!

Sure, the flow, abundance, joy and prosperity may mean you have to overstretch yourself to some capacity, but it will be worth it!

Another factor to consider is Venus’ place in her current solar cycle. Since late August, Venus has been under the beams of the Sun and hidden from view. October 23, she conjoined the Sun at 29 Libra, then slipped into Scorpio. Making this a difficult time for Venus’ two key significations – relationships and luxuries.

As Venus gallops into Sagittarius and aspects Jupiter, the two benefics join forces until December 10. All the while Venus begins to emerge from the rays of the Sun on December 19.

Thus, the “silly season” may be sprinkled with additional support, hope, optimism and compassion. Opportunities and offerings that present at this time may provide a clue to what you might need to solidify and crystalise as Saturn stares down the barrel of Pisces, over the next few months. So while Venus and Jupiter may not solve all your problems, it might be wise to not look a gift horse in the mouth neither!

For more Venus in Sagittarius insights, check out my recent YouTube video.

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