Venus in Pisces

Venus enters Pisces tomorrow, February 11 where she’ll remain until March 7.

Sweetness, support and compassion are heightened while Venus is in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation.

You can witness the beauty and sparkle of Venus in the evening sky, just as the sun sets. She’s also strengthened by this position in her synodic cycle. The sunset position in the horoscope represents relationships, as does Venus. As Venus dominates this portion of the sky over the upcoming weeks, you may notice Venus’ sweet influence in your closest relationships.

While we each have our own personal love planet based on our birth chart, Venus is the overall significator of relationships in astrology. You might have Mars, the Sun or Saturn as the ruler of your relationships. Venus may oversee a different life topic like your career, your children or your place of isolation and solitude.

For example, Pisces is the 10th house of career in my birth chart and when Venus drops in for her annual visit, generally with the Sun and Mercury around the same time, is one of the busiest times of year for me professionally. Client sessions and teaching both in person and online commands most of my attention rather than writing projects or other behind the scenes projects.

Regardless of where Pisces lies in your chart, there will be a specific area of life that you’ll be granted the sweet touch of Venus over the next few weeks. Venus will be your good luck charm where kindness and support from others can help you.

Venus’ primary role is to bind, unify and connect and in a Jupiter ruled water sign, she can do this in a big way. There are no limits to love, kindness or compassion with Venus in Pisces.

Emotions may run deep this time around. While Venus is in Pisces as she looks to Jupiter in Scorpio for guidance. The two benefic planets also connect via a comfortable trine aspect which will peak on March 1 and 2. Deep insights about love, romance and relationships may be revealed then. Truth, trust and loyalty will be highlighted.

Venus’ entrance into Pisces will begin the planetary pile up in the sign of the fishes, with Mercury and the Sun soon to catch up with Neptune’s long-term visit.

Through her visit to Pisces, Venus will make a series of aspects that will both help and hinder her efforts.

Venus sextile Saturn
February 16

Commitments, agreements and long-term relationship goals are highlighted when Venus and Saturn connect. Under a supportive sextile aspect, promises and commitments made show promise of lasting. Progress can be made with just a little effort. Under the influence of a South Node Solar Eclipse, this aspect highlights the need of letting go in order to create a solid foundation for the future.

February 22
Venus conjoined Neptune

Hands down the most romantic day of the year is when Venus and Neptune combine in the sign of Pisces. If you can delay Valentines Day to today, the weather for romance and togetherness is much more favourable than the 14th!

Venus square Mars
February 25/26/27

Throughout her visit in Pisces, Venus will be squaring Mars in Sagittarius and their tightest connection occurs at 17, 18 and 19 degrees. Squares between the planetary lovers bring (sexual) tension and here the battle may lie in feeling restless due to a lack of a common goal. A deep look into the underlining issues can help resolve them.

Venus Sextile Pluto
February 27

After the angsty Venus/Mars square, Venus then shifts toward a sextile with powerful Pluto. When these two planets work harmoniously together, a rich and deep new level of profound togetherness and strengthened connections can be achieved. Being open to what’s possible is the way to move forward together.

Venus Trine Jupiter
March 1 – 2

This is the first time Venus and Jupiter have formed a trine aspect since Jupiter entered Scorpio in October. As astrology’s lucky or beneficial planets, when they connect under a favourable aspect, you may find a solution to a problem. Linking under the water element is ideal for growth, a breakthrough or support regarding a project or opportunity is possible.

If you’d like to examine your own love story, your personal love planet, your 7th house, Venus and a few love insights for 2018, I’m offering a special Valentines Day reading.

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