Venus in Pisces – Unlocking your magic

Venus enters Pisces on January 26 – 27 if you’re in Australia, where she’ll stay until Febuary20.

Thus, the next three weeks see one of the skies most helpful planets in one of her best signs as Venus is said to be exalted in Pisces.

This may be an unpopular opinion, but there’s something about the idea of exaltation that actually impedes the expression of a planet. Though that impediment is for the planets’ own benefit.

If you consider Venus in Taurus, where Venus is attached to things while Venus in Libra is attached to people. Venus in Pisces has no attachment at all. In fact, any form of discernment or boundary that creates a blockage to attachment or connection is eradicated in Pisces. Thus, Venus in Pisces offers the most divine, sublime and ecstasy inducing influence that can support all creative endeavours, connections and collaborations.

Under the watery, mutable and free flow state of Venus in a water sign, it may be easier to loosen your resolve and tap into a certain mystery and magic with you – or within someone or something else.

Close your eyes
Look deep in your soul
Step outside yourself
And let your mind g
Seasons of the Abyss – Slayer

You might find yourself drawn to healing practices or anything that is a balm for your soul. This could be delving deeper into spirituality, self-care routines or anything that promotes connection, softness, ease and flow.

There’s an ethereal fairies like quality to Venus in Pisces that can make it hard to connect or touch in a tangible way, like a cosmic hologram.

Despite being such a fleeting influence, Venus in Pisces can support you in softening into what’s possible rather than what’s practical.

Let yourself be attracted or guided by your intuition or your feelings. This may pertain to the overall Venus in Pisces vibe or you might like to focus on the topics of the Pisces house in your birth chart.

Venus and the Malefics

While this delectable transit is the best astrology we’ve seen so far in 2023, she does tangle with Mars in Gemini which peaks on February 4.

This may show up as a clash of desires or having to make a compromise in a partnership. Mars may add a dose of distraction to the ease, flow and slower pace Venus is trying to sustain. A burst of creative energy may help you push forward, especially if you’ve had a slower-than-usual start to 2023.

Saturn comes back around

Just a couple of weeks after Venus exits Pisces, Saturn will arrive and may help you turn a dream into reality which will begin on March 6 / 7.

Thus, the ebb and flow and dreams that emanated under Venus will require some form of commitment under Saturn in Pisces, until February 14, 2026.

This might look like creating structure around your creative life, your self- care rituals or spiritual practices. Embodying an enchanted life is its own type of Saturnian discipline.

As this tour of Venus in Pisces will be the last one without a co-presence with Saturn for the next few years, she’ll remind you of the sweet moments you want to make last.

For more insights into Venus in Pisces, you can watch my latest YouTube video here

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