Venus in Pisces- Delectable and Divine

Sweet Venus begins her tour in Pisces, one of her favourite signs on January 3. In the sign of the fishes, Venus is at her most delectable and idealistic.

Love and romance may seem fantasy- like or ethereal now as the Goddess of Love splashes about in the inspired and emotional waters of Pisces.

Love can feel like a fairy-tale while Venus is in Pisces. It’s a text book rose-coloured-glasses combination. As one of the most intuitive or psychic of the signs, Pisces can also feel when things aren’t quite right in love.
Venus wants to merge with the divine while in Pisces, so the practical realities of domestic life and living can get lost in this placement. Taking time out to connect with spirituality and in self-care rituals become vital now.
Venus in Pisces pours her heart out in compassion and love. Just as the skies are opening up over Brisbane as I write this now.

Venus will be in the sign of Pisces until the early hours of February 4 and will make the following significant aspects.

Venus Conjunct the South Node
January 8

Planets that connect to the South Node of the Moon tend to undergo a purging or purification process. Links to the past are also highlighted. Letting go and releasing past hurt or emotional baggage will help free your heart and spirit to love in a pure and selfless way.
As Venus also signifies our habits and attitudes, doing away with self-sabotaging behaviours is also encouraged now. Venus in Pisces wishes to connect with the divine, it doesn’t always mean it manifests in the purest of forms. Cutting out toxic foods, toxic people or toxic attitudes leads the way to self-empowerment and healthier relationships.
Speaking of self-empowerment, as Venus conjuncts the South Node, the Sun also makes his annual conjunction with Pluto. This energy will help you dig deep, uncovering fears, limitations or setbacks about how you want to be seen and shine your light in the world.

Venus Conjunct Neptune
January 13

The concept of idealised love is possible again under Neptune’s touch. All things love and romance are back on the agenda. This is perfect astro-weather for extending that dream-like holiday phase. The ocean, films, music and daydream are all ways to honour and indulge Venus and Neptune.

Venus Sextile Pluto
January 20

This planetary combination will help unravel the truth in love. Being supported in sharing your deepest feelings and desires will help strengthen the bonds and the feeling of togetherness. This aspect will help gently guide you into dealing with the practical as well as the financial aspects in love. It may take off a temporary gloss but dealing with realities will be necessary.

Venus Square Saturn
January 28

One of the more challenging aspects to face Venus this month is the tense square from Saturn. Both Pisces and Sagittarius don’t like to be hemmed in, preferring flexibility and movement. This aspect can highlight differences in opinions and beliefs. For the sake of harmony, it may be best to agree to disagree.

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“Pisces” Artwork by Intuitive Artist, Michelle Smith

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