Venus In Libra

Venus moves into her home sign later this evening, where she is strong, capable and very happy. The planet associated with attraction and magnetism rules both Taurus (feminine/nocturnal) and Libra.

Libra is the masculine expression of Venus. Represented by the scales, Libra seeks harmony and balance in her interactions with others. She seeks to resolve ill feelings and restore equilibrium.

As an air sign the tact, grace and charm that Libra is associated with acts like a social lubricant that greases the wheels of bringing people, ideas or concepts together. Imagine the diplomat attempting to restore the frayed ends of relations between nations, or the perfect hostess who mingles and initiates (cardinal) conversations (air) between strangers, or the Feng Shui consultant who brings flow and balance into your home.

With the ingress of Venus in Libra, she is ‘masculated’ even further as she rises before the Sun, a term we astrologers refer to as oriental.

Oriental planets precede the dawn. They represent a process of renewal and reorientation. In Venus’ case, this applies to our relationships, aesthetics and values.

Venus represents the ability to appreciate oneself as well as others. She also signifies the ability to attract what we want or value.

This intensifies the ‘solar’ quality of Venus’ position in her current synodic cycle. This may encourage a demanding or forceful quality, not usually associated with Venus in Libra.

This may prompt actively seeking new situations where you feel connected, while at the same time reorienting your sense of aesthetics, relating, art, beauty and fashion.

Until November 7, Venus in Libra encourages us to initiate dealings with others, but in a cultured or refined way. It’s not just about saying please, it’s also putting the sugar on top. If you want something, get it. Start the conversation. Bring the idea to life. Most importantly, use your charm and grace to create situations of mutual benefit.

While in Libra, Venus will make the following aspects

October 28
Venus square Pluto

This powerful aspect may bring into light the hidden or less pleasant aspect of relationships. The square marks tension and the need for adjustment. This can prompt you to deal with a matter you’d normally avoid. While difficult at first, it can also bring a new level of honesty, bringing the balance that Libra craves.

November 3
Venus sextile Saturn

While in the signs of Libra and Sagittarius respectively, this aspect brings the opportunity to work together to establish or cement a sense of truth and justice. When Venus and Saturn connect under favourable circumstances, true bonds can be formed and long-term commitments made.

November 4
Venus opposite Uranus

One of the more challenging aspects for Venus due to her desire to keep things cool, calm and collected. Ultimately, Venus wants to say yes to all that pleases those around her, often putting her own needs second. Uranus on the other hand, will put a spanner in the works when he wants to go his own way. Uranus thrives on unstable ground, in fact, he creates it! Today may may that you have to embrace independence or come to a compromise about opposing needs.

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