Venus in Libra – The Sweet Spot

Venus in Libra – September 13 / 14 – October 8 / 9.

Venus’ tour through Libra denotes a period of sweet relief. Venus’ primary function is to attract, bind and unify. In Libra, she seeks to do this through social interactions and smooth discussions. Generally known as the planet of love, relationships and all things beautiful, while Venus is in her own sign, her magnetic powers are dialed right up to 10.

With some pretty tough planetary alignments in the sky over the last couple of months, Venus in Libra provides a supportive outlet, particularly for relationships.

Venus is a planet that likes to accommodate, and Libra is a sign that seeks to please. Making this transit an ideal time to find common ground or make peace. If you’ve hit troubled times or feel you’ve lacked connection with someone special, Venus in Libra encourages going the extra mile to create sweetness, ease and harmony. Consider your own Venus sign and relating nature, it may pay off to take a leaf out of Libra’s book.

Little luxuries are Venus’ domain too. Venus loves to splurge and in Libra, it’s a great time to treat yourself or someone else to the trimmings that bring beauty into your life or help generate ease and flow. For me personally, I’m looking to get a couple of artworks framed and finally hung on the wall!

Like the scales that represent Libra, Venus in her yang home is ultimately about fairness and equality. A greater sense of balance can be achieved by being more open and honest if your needs aren’t being met. On the flip side, Venus in Libra can encourage you to be more responsive and accommodating to the needs of those around you.

The Retrograde Period – Reflections of the Last Venus in Libra Transit

*Venus doesn’t retrograde this year, however, she will soon cover the same ground she did through the retrograde period last year. This will happen October 4 / 5 – 16 / 17.
I left this part of the post up, as it may be helpful for some to reflect on their own relationship habits.

Venus has a 40-day retrograde cycle every 18 – 19 months. Beginning on October 5/6, Venus will spend this period reversing from 10 – 0 Scorpio, with a brief backtrack into 29 – 25 Libra starting November 1. Venus has a very unique retrograde cycle because every 8 years, she covers almost the exact same territory in the zodiac. This upcoming retrograde pattern through Scorpio/Libra last occurred in October/November 2010. You might like to cast your mind back to that time and remember how the Venusian themes of your life were intensified under the cosmic radar.

Out of all retrogrades, Venus can sometimes be one of the most internal and problematic, especially in the domain of relationships. While in reverse, Venus can bring a deep awareness about how much we are trading off our own happiness for the sake of someone else’s.

The issue with Venus is that despite her best attempts, she cannot please everyone. In the process of being a ‘yes’ person, on the inside, Venus feels unappreciated and undervalued. Venus is a transactional planet. She’ll keep score of the hurts and eventually they are likely to be projected upon the very person she’s been trying to please.

Relationships are a field of constant negotiations and seemingly struggling to find some level of equality.
Relationships are rarely equal, but it can help to find your own version of even. Each person needs to feel the level of give and take is fair.

A vital component of relationships is clearly communicating a vision, aligning others with that vision and getting them on board. This may be in a personal relationship or a professional one, or both.

The retrograde period allows us to get into that space of deep awareness of what our actual vision of relationship is and how that aligns with our own personal desires. Then, re-writing that contract.

Personalising Venus

For you, it may not be the love and romance realm where Venus is most powerful. She may hold domain over your finances, career or perhaps it’s your health and well-being. To find out where you can look forward to some cosmic support and increased collaboration, start by looking at the houses that rule both Taurus and Libra.
If you’re unsure, here’s a guide below:

Aries: 2nd/7th – money, cash flow, self-value/ relationships- professional and personal
Taurus: 1st/6th – you, your body your approach to life/ health, wellbeing, hard work, pets
Gemini: 12th/5th– deep inner perspectives, spirituality, rest and retreat/ creativity, romance, children
Cancer: 11th/4th – Friendships, professional alliances, hopes and dreams/ home and family
Leo: 10th/3rd – career, public reputation, life direction/ communication, short travels, writing
Virgo: 9th/2nd – travel, academia, publishing/ money, income and cash flow
Libra: 1st/8th – you, your body, your approach to life/ joint resources, fears and anxieties
Scorpio: 12th/7th – deep life perspectives, rest and retreat/ relationships
Sagittarius: 11th/6th – friendships and alliances/ hard work, health, daily routine
Capricorn: 10th/5th – career, public life and reputation/children, creativity and joy
Aquarius: 9th/4th – publishing, travel, religion/ home and family, domestic life
Pisces: 8th/3rd – joint money, loans, debts, investments/ writing, learning, short journeys

Until September 9/10, you’re cosmically invited to sprinkle a little sugar on the above-mentioned areas of your life, according to your ascending sign or your sun sign. You might notice the areas of life that have become unbalanced or required the sweet support of teamwork and collaboration.

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