Venus in Gemini

After being in her home sign since June 6, Venus has now shifted into fun and flirty Gemini. In Taurus, one of her ruling signs, Venus is focused on stability and material comforts. There’s a certain hold steady element to Venus while in the Bull’s sign. Although giving, she’s reluctant to move forward without certainty of outcome.

Venus in Gemini reminds me of one particular friend in Sydney. I don’t think there was ever I time we caught up where her mobile didn’t constantly ring, we didn’t bump into someone she knew if we were out, or someone didn’t turn up at her door if we were at her place! I think we all have at least one friend who is perpetually socialising!

Venus in Gemini is an air sign. She thrives on social contact and the exchange of ideas and information. After her slow and sensual tour through Taurus, Venus is ready to play and have some fun. Variety is important, as is flexibility and adaptability. Up until August 1, your social schedule may get more hectic and changeable.

While in Gemini, Venus will be supported by the other sign she rules, Libra. As Jupiter is currently touring Libra, this brings astrology’s two benefic plants together by an aspect known as a trine. Trine’s are aspects of ease that generally bring good or pleasant things with minimal effort.

Both in the air element, Venus and Jupiter offer generosity or fortune through social connections, whether professional or personal. Extending yourself socially more so than you’ve done in recent weeks can pay dividends now.
While in Gemini, Venus will make a series of aspects to other planets. This will tone, temper or modify her expression for that period.

Venus square Neptune 14 degrees July 18

This brings an inspirational and day dream like vibe to the day. Productivity will be low, but creative output can be high. Neptune can bring a vague or surreal element to relationships, where your romantic expectation could be greater than the reality.

Venus trine Jupiter 15 degrees July 19

One of July’s standout aspects, Venus and Jupiter working harmoniously can bring general pleasantness, especially in social situations. Generosity and support are highlighted where you may lend a hand to someone in need, or you’re the recipient of a friendly gesture.

Venus opposing Saturn 21 degrees July 24

The toughest aspect for Venus this month is when she faces off with serious Saturn. Reality checks involving your social circles, how you spend your leisure time and money may come under focus today.

Venus sextile the North Node 24 degrees July 27

Today may bring glimpses into the future as Venus links the with North Node. New romantic possibilities or moving forward in a fresh direction within in an existing relationship are promised.

Venus sextile Uranus 28 degrees July 30

Breakthroughs are possible when it come to love or your social life today as Venus links with unpredictable Uranus. This lively combination can bring welcome disruptions or surprises to love and romance.

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