Venus in Gemini – Picking Up the Pace

After her slow and sensual tour through Taurus, Venus’ home sign, she is prepping to get busy in Gemini, where she will stay from June 8/9 – July 3/4. Since May 15, Venus has luxuriated in her sense of self-indulgence enjoying taking life as it comes.

As a native of Venus in Taurus, the last week since finalising my speaking commitments at NORWAC (you can access my lectures here) have totally been about rest and relaxation. In fact, on my actual Venus return, I was in Portland. I visited the rose garden with some wonderful friends and went out for lunch. I bought myself new earrings. We chatted all afternoon. Then in the evening we feasted on steak and wine and the conversations continued. It was just lovely. I’ll deal the extra three kilos I gained when I get home!


Monday morning brought the New Moon in Gemini, which may give a taste of what’s to come when Venus arrives. The next few days may be about speeding up a plodding pace for a swift and more mentally agile way to enjoy life and connect with others.

In Gemini, Venus shares a special relationship with Libra, the other sign she rules. Via the aspect known as a trine, Venus will ‘see’ the house and/or planets you have in your birth chart that hold the sign of Libra. In the social air element, it may the collaborations you make now that lead to good fortune, benefit and connection.
While in Gemini, Venus will make the following aspects to other planets which will tone or modify her expression.

June 23/24
Venus opposite Jupiter – 17 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius

This generous and supportive pairing can help open you to new perspectives and possibilities. Venus in Gemini is curious while Jupiter in Sagittarius is moderate and cohering. Under the air and fire combination, a relationship may move at a quick pace or you may find yourself at the right place at the right time to receive or offer sage wisdom.

June 24
Venus square Neptune – 18 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius

Just as Venus begins to slip from Jupiter’s grasp, she’ll enter the influence of dreamy Neptune. Here is the cosmic place where boundaries dissolve and more euphoric connections can be established, if you’re willing to compromise. While Venus looks to Mercury in Cancer for guidance, emotions and ideas can be sensitised and softened. Connections that go beyond just the mental can pave the way for true emotional connections.

Now that the cosmic tides are beginning to shift, can you feel the pace pick up in your own life?

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