Venus in Capricorn and Mercury Update

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and enjoying the slower pace as we see the year out.
Today is the first day I’ve turned on my laptop since I completed some last-minute horoscopes for a column I forgot about- thanks Mercury retrograde!

So, although this cab is a little slow off the rank, here is a quick update on where the planets are now.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is now in Capricorn, where she joins the Sun, Saturn and Pluto. As she made her entrance into Saturn’s sign she made a conjunction with the ringed planet himself.

Venus doesn’t like being in Capricorn much. You see, Venus likes shiny things, she loves to play, dance and have fun. Saturn is the cranky old man who complains the music is too loud. With a restrictive influence on Venus, you may have reduced spending, socialising or had ‘low vibe’ Christmas this year. I know I did, and I was quite surprised that my neighbourhood too, was really quiet.

So, while in Capricorn, Venus is under the influence of Saturn, the ruling sign of Capricorn. Saturn will reign in Venus topics. This includes enjoyment, spending, merriment, love and relationships.

As astrology’s significator of relationships, Venus in Capricorn will invite us to take stock of our most important relationships and what we are prepared to commit to.

Saturn deals with reality, the black and white of things. He will hold you to your commitments and promises. If you have doubt on whether you can deliver on a promise, a polite no will be preferred than sitting on the fence and potentially disappointing someone.

As we are still in the holiday season, you may prefer the company of those who mean the most to you and consciously decline invitations from those not on your VIP list.

A relationship check- up can be helpful under this stabilising influence. Taking stock of what is working and what is not and reworking the contract can make for a love that lasts.

Until January 18, Venus will be in ‘no frills’ mode. She’ll be looking to cut back, streamline and refine because she prefers quality over quantity. She understands that what she does without now, will leave room for more down the track.

As Capricorn rules my 8th house, I’m looking to save cash in small and large ways for my trip to Chicago next year to speak at the United Astrology Conference (UAC) and I decided to do a grocery shop at Aldi! What a difference at the checkout!

How are you trying to do more with less or seeking quality in your life right now?

More on Mercury

Mercury is now both separating from Neptune and has moved off his station degree. As Mercury slowly begins to recoup and pick up speed, issues that have been on the go-slow since mid-November can now be resolved.

The 29th sees Mercury trine the North Node. After long delays, a piece of information or news may arrive that can inspire or lead the way forward from 2017 into 2018.

Stay tuned for my Full Moon post and January horoscopes up later this week!

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