Venus in Aries

As I type this under the watery skies of a waning Full Moon, Venus is in preparation to remove her ethereal Jupitarian robes, exit her exalted throne and don a sword and shield.

From April 20/21 through to May 18/19 Venus will tour through Aries, the fiery home of Mars. Venus is in her detriment in Aries due to the extreme discomfort she experiences here. Venus’ innate nature is to bind, unify and attract, while Aries is a spirited sign, symbolising a ‘me first’ and independent attitude.

Venus in detriment isn’t ‘bad,’ no value judgements, here. Imagine an actor cast in a role that he/she is totally unsuitable for. Simply speaking, Venus can’t do Venusian things very easily or effectively in Aries.
This transit may bring rise to tension around Venusian topics as her need for togetherness is impeded by Aries’ desire to go it alone.

As the planetary deity for love, relationship, joy and happiness, over the upcoming weeks you may experience a little tension in trying to bring people, events or concepts together. Venus adopts a solo vibe while in Aries, so you may prefer to spend more time luxuriating in your own passion pursuits, rather than accommodating the wants or demands of others.

While in Aries, Venus looks to Mars in the speedy and swift air sign of Gemini for guidance, while forming an encouraging sign- based sextile aspect. If you’re seeking an increased level of collaboration over the coming weeks, you can do this by adopting a flexible or curious attitude. Be open to a change of mind or a change in plans as a variety of options may peak your interest. Under the guidance of Mars in Gemini, Venus type topics may experience fast-paced progress.

In your own birth chart, Venus may not necessarily be responsible for themes to do with relationship, creativity or art. Look to the cusps that hold Taurus and Libra as their rulers, as they are your personal Venus houses. For you, Venus may represent your health, adventure and travel, children or career. It’s here, where you may notice a shift in energy while Venus is in Aries.

The house that holds the sign of Aries, is where Venus is currently activating. This house may indicate where you’re astrologically geared for independence. While Venus visits this house, you might notice the need for a little Venusian softening, support or partnership.

As Venus moves into Aries off the back of the second Full Moon in Libra, you may have come to some personal conclusions about balance and what that means for you. You can read more about that in this blog post.

Consider the areas of life where you may be fiercely independent or have trouble asking for help or support. Conversely, ponder where you might benefit from making your own choices, wielding your own sword and paving a path all of your own.

Venus will be in Aries from April 20/21 (Australian and US/Canada time) through until May 18/19, and she’ll make the following aspects.

May 7
Venus square Saturn – 20 degrees Aries/Capricorn

This aspect can highlight the friction between wanting something now, and the benefit of delayed gratification. Something you want (Venus) may be denied (Saturn) either by your own choice or someone else’s. While disheartening initially, being honest and upfront can help you set healthy limits around what you’re prepared to put up with and what you’re not. Compromise is possible once you’ve drawn your proverbial line in the sand.

May 9/10
Venus trine Jupiter – 23 degrees Aries/Sagittarius

Hope, optimism and generosity are inspired by this fiery link of fortune between Venus and Jupiter. A person of influence or know-how may offer you the right advice or support just when you need it- be willing to accept it if need be, or offer it to someone else who looks like they could use a hand. A free spirit and an open mind can lead to exciting new adventures or possibilities.

Venus square Pluto – 23 degrees Aries/Capricorn

In contrast, a link with Pluto invites you to delve into matters of truth, trust and honesty. Together, Venus in Aries combined with Pluto in Capricorn pulls no punches. A situation may rise that causes you to question another’s motives. Cut to the chase, cut the BS and get to the core of the issue, just avoid cutting off your nose despite your face. Vulnerability may be tricky now but is essential. Compromise can lead to making authentic adjustments, but the way out is the way through.

May 14
Venus sextile Mars – 28 degrees Aries/Gemini

This fun and flirty vibe can spice up an existing relationship or light the fire beneath something new. Venus is vibrant and strong, while Mars is curious and conversational. In this pairing of signs, Mars receives Venus by rulership, in other words Mars likes what Venus has to offer. Across the elements of fire and air, action, momentum and progress are possible in all types of partnership settings.

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