Venus Conjunct Uranus

Venus has been touring Aries for an exceptionally long time. As a planet who enjoys the good life, Venus hasn’t been having the most pleasant time in action orientated Aries. Since February 4, the cool moist planet entered a hot dry sign. Venus likes to unite and connect, whereas Aries is independent and prefers to go it alone.

March saw the beginning of her retrograde period. During this time, she dipped back into Pisces, a sign she really likes. Thanks to an almost month long square to Saturn, it wasn’t the sweet relief you’d normally expect from Venus in Pisces.

By April’s end, she was back in Aries, strong, triumphant and clear about her contracts and commitments.
Just before she enjoys the home advantage in Taurus, from June 6 – July 5, Venus leaves Aries with a bang!

Venus Conjunct Aries

Unexpected events, sudden shocks and developments are possible this weekend as Venus aligns with game-changer Uranus. Although this happens once a year, this will be their final meeting in Aries, and bookending the long tale that has been Venus in Aries.

Together, Venus and Uranus can courage you to express yourself in a more authentic way. Perhaps you don’t want to do what you’ve always done when it comes to love, romance or friendships. With Venus’ extra – long cycle in Aries, she’s crystal clear about what she wants.

The Old Vs the New

As Venus and Uranus work together, Saturn makes a trine aspect from Sagittarius. This fiery trio can support you in breaking away from old structures or limiting beliefs. Radical changes or choices made now, can help you break free of old structures, so you can create something better.

Venus conjunct Uranus – 27 degrees Aries

If you’re unsure of where this dramatic and exciting aspect will trigger in chart, check out your ascendant or rising sign below. If you don’t know your ascendant, you can read your Sun Sign.

Aries- all about you, habits, attitudes and body
Taurus- your private world, retreat, release
Gemini- friends, allies, hopes and wishes for the future
Cancer- career, public reputation, life path
Leo- long journeys, education, teaching, discovery
Virgo- debts, savings, superannuation, fears and anxieties
Libra- partnerships- personal and professional
Scorpio- daily routines, health, well-being
Sagittarius- fun, romances, children, creative pursuits
Capricorn- domestic life, home, family, real estate
Aquarius- daily rituals, writing, learning, communication, siblings
Pisces- cash flow, earning potential, personal possessions

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