Venus conjoined Spica – Raising All Boats

With so much focus on Mars, and deservedly so, thanks to his arduous retrograde through Aquarius, the celestial attention is now focused on Venus.

I wrote a post all about Venus a few weeks back, however, this week sees Venus make her annual conjunction with a fortunate fixed star known as Spica.

Being a brilliant white binary star, Spica is about protection and offers the gifts of success and riches. Being Venusian of nature, she can also be frivolous with the gifts bestowed up her, if not careful.

As Spica conjoins Venus in Libra, the gift of relationships is emphasised. Known as a star of protection, Spica can boost the supportive qualities in your most important interpersonal pairings. Ascribed to honours and fame, a Venus/Spica conjunction highlights the potency of collaboration and mutual exchange so that everyone wins. As my dear Libran friend and wonderful astrological magician Kaitlin Coppock points out, “a high tide raises all boats.”

Located in the constellation of Virgo, the grain harvest, Spica here reminds us that goodness comes to us via reaping what is sewn. It can represent the provision of our material needs. If procured under the foundation of hard work and purity of heart, the results can benefit all.

Under the Venus/Spica influence we’re reminded that relationships do require effort, if they are to yield the qualities we desire. If we’re primarily focused on what we get, rather than give, the balance of power becomes distorted and can get worse over time- we are talking about the sign of Libra after all!

As Venus and Spica meet, the Moon will be in Venus ruled Taurus, laying the solid foundation
to provide care, comfort and support.

This weekend, tenderness and care is promised. Give more than is expected and watch the flowers of love, abundance and support bloom. Consider a relationship that you value and ask yourself where you can help heighten the tide, so all can rise.

As Venus in Libra conjoins Spica on September 1st.

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