Venus and Mercury- Shine Your Light

Sweet Venus is now in the radiant and bold sign of Leo. In Cancer, where Venus as been since since June 30, her energy is more yin like, reflective and emotional. In Leo until August 5 you might notice a more yang approach to relationships. Now in an energetic, confident and exuberant mood, Venus knows how to go after what she wants.

July 14, sees Mercury also enter the feline sign. A strong motivation to establish connections will be in play until August 5. This is an ideal time for a little shameless self promotion or be seen in an area of life where you might normally prefer to be behind the scenes.

Now that Venus and Mercury themselves are emerging from the Sun’s rays, you’ll be able to see them as evening stars at sunset.

As things begin to heat up and dry out, you may find that your confidence soars in the house ruled by Leo in your personal horoscope.

If you’re unsure of where to shine your light in the upcoming weeks, I’m now taking bookings for consultations in August.


Next weekend I’ll be in Grafton offering mini consultations and workshops throughout the event. I’m excited to have been invited to this event to share my passion and knowledge of astrology.
If you happen to be near Grafton, drop by and see me there!

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