If you’re looking to dive deeper into the signs and symbols of your birth chart, then the Ultimate Astrology Package is for you. These 4 1-hour sessions save you 10%.

Together we can combine topics from the Your Birth Chart and Year Ahead Updates, as well as any specific life topics that may be at the forefront of your curiosity or concerns. 

We can look at the history of your life and how they correlate to astrological patterns, giving context to your experiences in the present moment. This can be powerful and profound in assisting you with some of the deeper questions you may be engaging with, paving the way for growth and self-development.

I describe these sessions as ‘astrological life coaching.’

Guided by you, I use the stars to flesh out your problems, passions and purpose. Regular consultations will prompt you to keep focus on your end goal. For most clients, I prescribe ‘homework’ in between consultations, which often comprise of journaling exercises or resources watch and/or read.

By working together, you’ll have a greater understanding and awareness of your deeper motivations, ingrained habits and patterns. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll explore tools and strategies for self-improvement. 

The Ultimate Astrology Package is geared toward using the symbolism of your chart to create space to empower you to lead a divinely inspired life.

*Some clients who are students of astrology may find this service useful as a private mentoring tool. Using your own birth chart, we can ‘turbo charge’ your studies using your own birth chart. 

Upon receipt of payment, you’ll be directed to my online calendar. From there, you can schedule your 4 appointments within 6 months.

You’ll get your private Zoom link to my online meeting room. Each session can be recorded with your permission, and sent to you via email shortly after.

If you’d like to connect before booking, then please be in touch.

$763 AUD

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