Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

An eclipse is a disruption to the usual lunation cycle. The key difference between an eclipse and a regular New or Full Moon is that a light source, aka the Sun or the Moon becomes temporarily blocked. Something that is visible, becomes invisible, then reappears.
What’s interesting about a Solar Eclipse conjoined the South Node is that this lunation is infused with new beginnings, while laced with endings. Let’s face it. As human beings we don’t like that too much! That being said, due to the disorderly nature of an eclipse, it can fast forward events, bringing future possibilities into the present moment.

The upcoming total solar eclipse on December 14 / 15 at 23 Sagittarius is, in my opinion that stand out eclipse of the current Gemini / Sagittarius nodal cycle. This cycle began in May and will last until the Nodes move into Taurus / Scorpio in January 2022.

This eclipse brings a climactic end to a year that will go down in history for many personal and collective reasons. It forms a part of the planetary bridge between the old year and the new, where eclipse ruler, Jupiter, is on the cusp of changing signs.

As the Great Benefic, Jupiter is a helpful planet of protection. Since December 2, 2019 when Jupiter ingressed in to Capricorn, the sign of its fall, the generous giants’ capacity to help and protect was removed. Co-present with Saturn, happy in its own sign, and Pluto, to say that Jupiter’s ability to bring hope, joy, faith, benevolence and good fortune was debilitated, seems like the understatement of 2020.

Due to its size and influence, Jupiter has the capacity to bring things to immediate attention. It was also on December 2, 2019 the first known case of COVID 19 was identified, making obvious what the Jupiter in Capricorn cycle was going to be about.

As this Total Eclipse happens, Jupiter will be hanging out with Saturn at the final degrees of Capricorn at 28”56’ and 29”44’, respectively. On the 16/17 Saturn will move into its diurnal home of Aquarius, joined by Jupiter on the 19th. These two gas giants will form their Great Conjunction at 00” Aquarius on the 21/22, not only heralding a new 20-year cycle, but an entire new 240-ish year of Great Conjunctions in air.

So, this eclipse isn’t just a total solar eclipse. Its ruler, Jupiter, is about to change signs. Saturn is about to change signs. Together, they’ll form a once in every 20-year conjunction, which in turn, establishes a whole new epoch in the air element. Like much of 2020, this eclipse is flavoured by what Jupiter and Saturn are doing.

This particular eclipse in Sagittarius suggests letting go of something that can be especially difficult – the beliefs or opinions we hold about something. With Jupiter still alongside Saturn in Capricorn under this eclipse, consider what structures you’ve built in your life based on the beliefs you hold about them. Attached to the South Node, this eclipse brings the disintegration, decline or diminishment of the beliefs you hold, especially if you’ve yet to ask yourself exactly why you hold that belief in the first place.
Looking to the Sagittarius house in your birth chart can help you explore some of your beliefs about that particular topic. This eclipse may make obvious the rubble that’s left from dismantled structures. As you continue to clean, purge and purify under the South Nodal energy, innovative new structures, ideas, beliefs and possibilities can be created.
This eclipse is heavily influenced by the flurry of planetary changes that surround it. Mars closes in on its third and final combative square with Pluto which takes place on December 23/24. Themes from around August 13 and October 9 may come up, and with it, bring a sense of dread or disaster as old problems rear their ugly head again. This time though, you may be better equipped to dance with the devil, overcoming your fear of a problem that seemed impossible overcome before.

As we all lean into technology even more that we did just 12 months ago, there is an avalanche of information to take in, process and assimilate. What is truth? What are the facts? Where are the ethics and integrity behind the information that is published and shared? How do does this information inform the beliefs you have about yourself, about others, about life?

As the eclipse energy builds, reflect on the information you receive and the ideas and opinions you hold. It may be an article you read online, a headline you scroll by on Twitter, an infographic that is emotionally charged or sensationalised on Instagram, or a conversation you have with a loved one.
Whatever it is, unplug yourself from the matrix. Analyse any resistance that comes up to a new idea, insight or opinion. Work through cognitive dissonance.

As Jupiter is on the cusp of reaching what is akin to a zodiacal oasis compared to where it’s been, there is a sense of faith and hope becoming restored. This isn’t to say that everything is going to be all peachy again, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Jupiter holds the qualities of heat and moisture, as does the sign of Aquarius. Both Jupiter and Aquarius are diurnal. While this isn’t the best-case scenario for Jupiter (that comes later in the year when we get the first taste of Jupiter in Pisces from May – July) there’s a definite sense of things going from an F for fail to a C for average.
Heat and moisture are Spring – like qualities which are life affirmative, providing the right conditions for growth.
Under the intensity of the eclipse energy, it’s ideal to rest, purge and purify. Over the last week, I’ve been doing a deep clean of my own home. I cleaned out cupboards. Washed windows. Cleaned the window and sliding door tracks. I’ve smudged and incensed. As this eclipse falls in my own 7th house, I’ve declined almost every catch-up and invite, in preference of being alone and buried in work. There isn’t much energy for the inessential under a South Node eclipse.

Where does this eclipse fall in your chart? How have you experienced the energy so far?

Total Solar Eclipse
23 Sagittarius
Brisbane: December 15, 2:16am
Los Angeles: December 14, 9:16pm
London: December 14, 4:16pm

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