The Sweet Surrender

It’s a beautiful Sun / Neptune day today here in Brisbane. 

The rain is falling. The cats are curled up. I have TOOL (I find their music relaxing and hypnotic) playing from the TV in my living room. I’m trying to clear the last of the congestion from a head cold that doesn’t want to go away. I’m trying to tick off as much of my to-do list as possible.

To be honest – that to-do list is crazy long! I’m embarking on my annual horoscope project for WellBeing. I’m also editing next years addition so I’ve been in the process of bringing some of my favourite astrological writers on board to make 2022 purely magical.

I have various work-related commitments including my client work which I adore, preparing for webinars, lectures and other teaching projects. I also have my monthly Golden Circle work as well as some TBA projects. And that’s just the professional stuff!

Not unlike most of you and your seemingly never ending lists, I’m sure! 

Juggling all the balls. 

Wearing all the hats.

Doing all the things!

During these times, it’s easy to become anxious and overwhelmed by the thought of the things that have to get done and by when. One of the most valuable things astrology offers me, and a virtue I try to share with so many, is that the sky is your guide.

Right now, we are in the Balsamic Moon phase. This is the phase of the Moon that is ideal for closure, completion and rest. It’s also ideal for tidying up the loose ends, preparing, sorting and cleaning. In the same way you’d clean up your office space before leaving work on a Friday so it’s nice and fresh for Monday morning.

The Sun also conjoins Neptune. An annual transit that invites you to put your ambitions to one side and focus on the stirring of your soul. 
Venus conjoins Neptune over the weekend at 20 Pisces and a New Moon forms at 23 Pisces. 

All this combined does lead to a dreamy kind of closeness with the promise of a fresh start filled with joy, happiness, compassion and possibility.

A quick scroll on the social medias inform we that parents are rejoicing in other parts of the globe as schools reopen, Summer camps are back on the agenda and the world is beginning to show the promise of how things could be!

In some of my predictive work such as my Exploring 2021 webinar, my monthly Golden Circle Club offering and client consultations, I’ve underpinned this week as showing us glimpses of what is possible when Jupiter enters Pisces from May – July and through 2022.

My tip for you now is to consider putting to one side what may seem like the most urgent or necessary thing to do. Under these Neptunian vibes, going with the flow, not trying to figure it all out but invest some energy into what you’d like to see blossom mid-year and into 2022 will be worthwhile.

I made a YouTube video about Neptune for you too over on my YouTube channel.

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