The Sun, Venus, Pluto and Oprah

Generally, when a rare astrological transit occurs, there will be an obvious embodiment of that at a public or global level. With this weeks powerful and intense triple conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Pluto, was demonstrated via Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe speech.

When I first heard it, I had a real wow moment. She nailed the astrology with every word. She spoke of her memories as a little girl back in 1964, watching the first black man receive the award she was being presented with, as the first black woman. The last time this triple conjunction took place was over 500 years ago.

She spoke of how she was inspired, as though a seed had been planted in her soul, and aware that this recognition of her achievements was planting seeds in little girl’s souls who were watching around the world.

The theme of the speech was in perfect alignment with the Venus cazimi that was taking place at the time. I’ve written about the powerful position a planet holds whilst in cazimi before. It’s generally considered to be within one degree of the Sun or within 17 minutes, depending if you take the Hellenistic or the later Medieval approach. Nonetheless, cazimi is considered to be an elevated and powerful position. If you’ve ever watched drama series on Netflix that are historically based (I’m obsessed with them at the moment), you’ll understand that to be seated by the King (the Sun) is the most powerful, albeit mostly temporary, position you can be in.

Cazimi also represents the starting point of a new synodic cycle for a planet. You could call what happened to Venus this week as like a New Moon for her. A new cycle of purification and empowerment has begun.

Venus is on the superior or ‘far side’ of the Sun right now, and due to her close proximity to our brightest star, she still remains invisible. She’ll emerge from the Sun’s rays by early March, where she’ll be seen at dusk.

Oprah also gave thanks to the media, for ‘the insatiable dedication for uncovering the truth, that keeps us from turning a blind eye to corruption and injustice, tyrants, victims, secrets and lies.’

While Venus was being purified and empowered, she was being so with a hand from Pluto, exposing the underbelly of what has kept women silent up until now.

Pluto also has associations with karma, she dug up those references by referring to racism, misogyny and the abuse by ‘brutally powerful men,’ letting them know that ‘their time has come.’

Whatever your thoughts on Oprah, I wonder if she is even aware of the alignment of the stars and her poignant words. Even the media suggested ‘seeds have been planted’ referring to a possible bid for Presidency in 2020 in the aftermath of her acceptance speech.
Either way, seeds have now been planted empowerment around women in general.

When Pluto is in the mix, there is no turning back. One of my favourite expressions for the energy of Pluto is ‘the only way out is the way through.’ He too has experienced a conjunction with the Sun and is in a position of boosted power.

At some level, a seed as been planted both collectively and personally that there may be no turning back from. Events that have been set into motion will feel fated and meant to unfold as they may.

On a personal level, this triple conjunction may have changed some of the dynamics within your most important relationships. Something may have been revealed or seen in a new light. While it can be empowering, it can also set into motion some long-term events. Not everything that is empowering or transformative is life affirming and positive. Death and destruction is also a part of Pluto’s persuasions. As the God of the underworld, Pluto represents the underbellies within us. The parts of ourselves we deeply bury, yet often project onto others when we feel hurt or aren’t getting our needs met.

I often see Pluto at work when people get drunk. People drink for various reasons, to forget, to remember, to feel stronger or more powerful in some way. Yet, with each drink after the next, they become more transparent and obvious, each emotional wound gaping open like freshly torn flesh. The more you deny the destructive powers of Pluto, the longer it takes to rebuild, repair and heal.

Even if you can’t pinpoint what this week’s astrology has meant for you, the seed has been planted and it may take time before you reap what has been sewn. Pluto’s cycle is much much slower than that of the Sun and Venus.
You may have felt the first rumbling of change. Becoming more aware of the power dynamics in play within your relationships. Perhaps you went to pour that next proverbial drink and thought to yourself ‘no, not this again.’ Are patterns repeating? Have you spoken up or against something, where you’d previously be silent? Maybe you’ve finally been able to identify the problems you’ve shied away from in the past and are finally ready to confront them. It’s possible nothing has happened, but the feeling is different.

Pluto can be also regenerative, or transformative. Once touched by Pluto, things are never quite the same again. The initiation that Pluto represents has begun- the seed has been planted. In the process of empowerment, a point worth considering is that Venus is inclusive and coagulating. The risk here is that to be overly empowered, can also separate you from that which can help you grow and become stronger.

All Venusian themes are affected, not only just women and romantic relationships. This includes friendships, alliances, beauty, art, pleasure in general, contracts and agreements.

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