The Sun Enters Taurus

Wednesday sees the Sun make his annual journey through the sign of Taurus. For the next month, you are invited to slow down and smell the roses. Like a lazy cud chewing bull, Taurus is not a sign known to move swiftly and prefers to laze in the warm mid-season sunshine.

Being a sign ruled by Venus, Taurus is primarily concerned with what brings pleasure. As a practical Earth sign, Taurus loves to evoke the five senses. The next month the Sun invites you to shine some light on what brings you enjoyment. Bodywork therapies such as massage or chiropractic treatments are favoured now. Treating yourself to some indulgences like wholesome organic foods that will nourish you, or chocolate and wine if that is your vice of choice!

Taurus is also has an appreciation for money, as she understands both the security and pleasure it brings. During the course of the next four weeks, money matters may come under focus, especially if spending on pleasure comes at the price of security.

Taurus is not known for its love of change. The next month may highlight some non-negotiable areas for you. However, with Mercury entering a retrograde phase in Taurus on the 28th, you may have to temporarily press pause while you haggle a better option or gather further information.

One of Taurus’ key themes is that of slowing down and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Have that second glass or wine. Order dessert. Take a walk barefoot on the grass. Enjoy the sunshine.


A dear friend shared this quote from Winnie the Pooh and it’s apt for the Sun’s entry into Taurus.

“Say, Pooh, why aren’t you busy?” I said.
“Because it’s a nice day,” said Pooh.
“Yes, but —”
“Why ruin it?” he said.
“But you could be doing something Important,” I said.
“I am, ” said Pooh.
“Oh? Doing what?”
“Listening,” he said.
“Listening to what?”
“To the birds. And that squirrel over there.”
“What are they saying?” I asked.
“That it’s a nice day,” said Pooh.
“But you know that already,” I said.
“Yes, but it’s always good to hear that somebody else thinks so, too,” he replied.

– From the Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

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