The Last Leg of Mercury Retrograde

In around 24 hours, Mercury will arrive at 4 degrees Aries, where he’ll station direct on April 16 and finally begin to pick up the pace from the 18th.

In the ‘I want it yesterday’ sign of Aries, this is a painfully slow pace for Mercury. As Mercury comes to a stop, then begins to slowly garner speed and travel for a second time over this degree (the first time being March 9th) you can expect loose ends to be finally tied up and taken care of.

In Aries, Mercury has sought guidance from Mars in Capricorn, who’s joined forces with serious Saturn. These last few weeks have dealt their fare share of obstacles, blockages and a general feeling of driving with the hand brake on.

Over these next several days, it may become clearer what this entire Mercury retrograde cycle has meant for you. New perspectives can be put into action. It might be about clarifying what you truly want and aligning your actions with your goals. The house in your birth chart that holds the sign of Capricorn can offer further insight about this.

As Mercury begins to rebuild momentum, he’ll come against Saturn again via a square aspect that will last until April 28. When Mercury and Saturn work together, you can power through your to-do list or finalise scheduling.

Mercury retrograde may have exposed gaps or highlighted where things could be tightened up for greater efficiency. Now at the final leg or his reverse passage, Mercury can assist you in verbalising or taking action about what it is you truly want.

Deliberations from the last few weeks may have helped you gain clarity and insight. From here, tough conversations may need to be had, or important decisions can be made.

Saturn loves a good declutter or streamline. Until the end of April, taking care of business so to speak, can help you get organised, productive and focused on what really matters and what you really want.

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