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The Golden Circle is your private access to exclusive astrology content, packed with guidance, wisdom and insight every month.

Transform your life by making empowered choices that align with the cosmos. Each month, you’ll learn more about who you are by exploring the moving sky and how it relates to you.

What is The Golden Circle?

Every month, you’ll get exclusive content about the upcoming planetary weather patterns, helping you navigate your way toward leading a divinely inspired life. 

Perhaps you’re tired of the hussle and want to lean into being more aligned, more guided and more at ease. Maybe you’ve got your sights set on transforming your life and gain a sense of empowerment in these uncertain times. If you’ve got your heart set on big goals for the future then the Golden Circle can help!

By highlighting the planetary energies each month, I’ll guide you through the best times to leap into action as well as the best times to recharge and restore. 

As you learn more about the moving sky and how it relates to your own birth chart, you’ll be able to tap into the mystery and magic of astrology and how it can help you manifest your goals, wants and desires. 

My aim for the Golden Circle is to offer you my best cosmic insight to arm you with the information you need to make aligned and inspired choices, helping you live your best and most fulfilled life.

What’s Inside the Circle?

Every Month;

  • You’ll gain access to videos outlining the astrology weather of each week. 
  • A calendar to download / print where you can see all the monthly astrology at a glance.
  • Monthly Highlights and Moon Power Days PDF’s.
  • Monthly New Moon catch – up
  • A look at a member chart to see how the transits work in real life

Bonus Content

As the astrology happens;

  • eclipse cycles
  • major planetary ingresses
  • retrograde planets
  • special configurations
  • Mars cycles of energy and action

Premium Membership Bonuses

Get inside the circle now and get these exclusive offers!

  • 50% off consultation coupon code to use for as long as your membership is active

Plus, you’ll get these additional extra’s – perfect for beginners or if you’re looking to brush up on the basics!

  • introduction to astrology workshop recording
  • astrology 101 article
  • Lunar Phases webinar recording
  • Exploring 2022 – a 2 part webinar
  • The Ascendant webinar

I Want In!

The Golden Circle is now available via an app and online!

All the monthly insights, bonuses and community all available from your phone, device or your computer!

Get inside the circle!

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