The Balsamic Moon

This morning I woke up from a deep sleep. It was one of those mornings where I couldn’t remember what day it was or what I was supposed to be doing. After a period of rough sleep between eclipses, it was the rest I truly needed.

The space between eclipses is often a bit weird. It reminds me of the week between Christmas and New Year. A sense of letting go of the past and embracing the time that lies ahead. It definitely has a different feel to it.

The Moon is now in Aquarius, beginning the last leg of her journey toward the Sun for her monthly recharge. Right now, the Moon is like your smart phone, running on 5% battery before you get home at the end of the day to recharge it. Some systems may shut down and you’ll avoid making any unnecessary calls or messages until its back on the charger.

This analogy explains why astrologers call the Balsamic Moon (otherwise known as the waning crescent) the self-care phase. Symbolically, you too are running on 5% battery somewhere in your life. It’s time for you to turn inwards and preserve what little energy you have left.
Your vitality may be low and you might be generally feeling more tired or possibly frazzled than usual. If you’ve been neglecting those little rituals or things on your to-do list that you know help you feel organised and at peace, then to do them. If you need quiet time or some time alone, then try to arrange it.

The Balsamic Phase represents the work that needs to be done before the beginning of a new cycle. Before planting a new seed into the soil, you need to remove the weeds, turn the soil and fertilise it. Fresh starts can’t occur on old or worn foundations. Even if your energy is low, tying up loose ends helps to begin a new cycle afresh.

As this is the phase prior to the final eclipse of this season, you may feel the Balsamic Moon a little more intensely than usual. This phase brings closure or completion around matters to do with your soul, body and mind or even some of the mundane tasks of life. The house in your birth chart that holds the sign of Aquarius can give clues to where you need to recharge.

Just a few short hours after the eclipse the Moon will move into Pisces and begin her new monthly cycle. The quite time for rest and reflection can help you prepare and make the most of her new cycle through a new area of your life.

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