The Balsamic Moon and Teenage Memories

The last few days, I’ve been feeling exceptionally contemplative. Not what I expected to happen as the Sun recently entered vibrant, curious and busy Gemini and into my first house. Taurus season is generally my quiet and introspective time as the Sun illuminates my 12th house. The last month has been busier than usual for this time of year with various expos on each weekend, plus my teaching, writing and consultations during the week.

Perhaps it’s due to losing one of my idols, Chris Cornell, last week. The last several days have been spent listening to the songs of my adolescence, reminiscing on times where I was primarily concerned about how much I could get away with without my parents finding out, and planning my escape from Brisbane once I finished high school.

I turn 40 next month. To me, it is just another birthday and as yet, I have no plans to celebrate, probably because I feel 23! I realised that nearly all my idols from my teenage years are gone. Except for Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder, who funnily enough are both Capricorns, the sign associated with longevity, there is no one left. So maybe with that, I may have to organise something for the big 4.0 because, life is very very short.

As I write this, the Moon is in Aries, a sign associated with action and surging forward. In the Balsamic phase, she too is contemplative. The Balsamic Moon is the phase of the Moon just before the New Moon. It’s a time of release, surrender and letting go. While the Moon has no light in the sky now, you too may need to explore your own inner darkness and be still within it. It’s a time to go slow and take care of yourself through the process. The slow stillness of contemplation and reflection can allow you to observe what isn’t working and what you may need to let go of.

The Balsamic Moon is ideal for de-cluttering, both physically and emotionally, so when the Moon is renewed, so are you!

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