Taurus New Moon

Although the Moon recently dipped her toes into fiery and dynamic Aries, she also entered the darkest phase of the Lunar Cycle- the Balsamic Phase, a contradiction of planetary energy.

The Balsamic phase is about closure and completion. Rather than initiating new projects, what can you put to bed in time for the fresh start the New Moon on Saturday morning promises? You may feel increased energy and motivation under the dynamic Aries Moon. Use this to focus on lingering tasks you may be procrastinating on and get them done.

Mars, the Aries Moon ruler is currently retrograde, further indicating that going back over things is required. In fact, 5 planets are travelling in reverse motion so repeating, remembering and revising is a big part of the astro theme now. You can find out more about Mars retrograde here and here!

May 7 brings the New Moon in Taurus which emphasises the flavour of living, not just working. This grounding and stabilising lunation will be the final goodbye to the hectic grind that was April. Pamper yourself with something you enjoy today and be sure to set some New Moon intentions.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been hit and miss when it comes to journalling my New Moon intentions. In the past, I’ve found that aligning my goals, intentions and wishes alongside the New Moon as been one of the most powerful methods of manifestation.

As this New Moon falls in my most private and introspective sector in my birth chart, I recently felt inspired to buy a journal to restart my monthly New Moon goals. One of my favourite books for New Moon wishing is Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology.
The New Moon falls at 17 degrees Taurus…do you know where in your chart it falls? Where do you wish to bring more pleasure, contentment, money and perseverance to your life? This may be a hint…

Though your actual birth chart will show the exact area this New Moon will fall, your Sun (star) Sign will give you some insight:

Aries- your 2nd house of money, possessions and self worth
Taurus- your 1st house of self, body and your life
Gemini- your 12th house of dreams, enemies, secrets
Cancer- your 11th house of friends, hope and wishes
Leo- your 10th house of career, public reputation
Virgo- your 9th house of travel, religion and philosophy and wisdom
Libra- your 8th house of debts, fear, death and other peoples money
Scorpio- your 7th house of relationships, spouses and contentions
Sagittarius- your 6th house of daily routines, health/illness and wellbeing
Capricorn- your 5th house of children, hobbies and pleasure
Aquarius- your 4th house of home, family, real estate
Pisces- your 3rd house of siblings, neighbours and learning/knowledge

The New Moon occurs on Saturday morning, 7 May at 5:29am AEST.

If you’re looking for clarity and guidance an astrology chart consultation can light the way. In person readings are available and if you’re not in Brisbane, we can connect via Skype from anywhere on the globe!


Some Example Wishes For The New Moon

Some wishes that may be particularly potent under the Taurus New Moon are: Patience, dependability, progressing step by step, gratitude, awareness of personal needs and self acceptance.

You may also wish for the reduction of stubborn tendencies, the attachment to material possessions and stagnation.

One of the areas of the body Taurus rules is the throat. Speak up! Use your voice. If you have something to say, make a wish to be able to speak freely and honestly.

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