A Very Virgo New Moon

A good clean out, declutter or doing away with what you don’t need anymore could also be highlighted.
Virgo thrives on efficiency. Whether that is your home, office space or inbox, you may discover changes that can help you improve your productivity and help you feel more organised.

Silver Circle- Full Moon in Virgo

I’ve spending a lot of time thinking (ummm hello Virgo) about tonight’s Full Moon. Although this lunation falls in the sign of fair maiden, where the North Node is located, technically it’s not an eclipse as the Sun and Moon are more than 18 degrees from the Nodes.

Saturn, Neptune and Swimming Pools

When it comes to swimming, whether you’re the type of person who likes to elegantly dive in, tip toe and feel your way through the water or just bomb dive in, most people will attest the feeling of being refreshed, re-invigorated and renewed. It’s almost like you’re metaphorically washing something away- your thoughts, your fears, your problems, or maybe you simply like that fresh feeling on your skin.

Mercury and the Sun

The Mercury Cazimi window is still wide open. This represents the point in Mercury’s cycle where we can expect the greatest momentum in matter’s relating to Mercury-communication, writing, speaking and our ability to connect and network with those around us.

Astro Weather 14- 20 March

All is quiet in the sky this week after the spectacular display of the Sun and Moon that was the Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

A Gemini Moon welcomes the week with a chatty, flirty vibe ripe for socialising and networking. It seems fitting that the majority of this weeks aspects are brought to you by the winged messenger, Mercury.

Planetary Weather February 22-29

Tuesday brings a Virgo Full Moon which highlights the polarities between your souls dreams and the practicality of bills needing to be paid. The Virgo Moon expects details, efficiency and accuracy where the Sun in Pisces demands you bask in your souls’ yearnings.

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