Venus Trine Saturn

August Highlights

Despite being a new month, the first week of August is a bit like July’s hangover. As the Sun and Mercury push through Leo, they activate the opposition to Saturn and the square from Uranus.
Here are a few of my top aspects for the month of August.

A Tale of Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus can encourage you to take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, especially those that evoke the the senses. Time spent tending the garden, eating fresh produce, drinking fine wines or spritzing your favourite fragrance are all ways to honour Venus at her best.

Weekly Weather Insights + Venus in Virgo

In other news, it’s a huge week for Venus. From her least favourite sign to occupy (known as fall) she’s doing her best to be an intermediatory to any problems or challenges as she forms aspects to Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. As the ruler of the current Libra lunation cycle, she’ll be offering practical support to keep a situation as harmonious as she can.

Cosmic Catalogue 18- 24th July

The house in your birth chart governed by Capricorn signifies where you may need to separate yourself any emotional ties or memories from the past that may be halting your progress toward a long held goal. Both Mars and Uranus may shake up what is secure and comfortable, but Capricorn knows how to play the long game.

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