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Venus in Pisces

You can witness the beauty and sparkle of Venus in the evening sky, just as the sun sets. She’s also strengthened by this position in her synodic cycle. The sunset position in the horoscope represents relationships, as does Venus. As Venus dominates this portion of the sky over the upcoming weeks, you may notice Venus’ sweet influence in your closest relationships.

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Venus in Pisces- Delectable and Divine

Love can feel like a fairy-tale while Venus is in Pisces. It’s a text book rose-coloured-glasses combination. As one of the most intuitive or psychic of the signs, Pisces can also feel when things aren’t quite right in love.
Venus wants to merge with the divine while in Pisces, so the practical realities of domestic life and living can get lost in this placement. Taking time out to connect with spirituality and in self-care rituals become vital now.

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