Venus In Gemini

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

As Venus descends into the darkness, you too may find yourself in a place of withdrawal and contemplation. Out of all the planetary retrogrades, Venus is often the most internal and problematic, especially in the domain of relationships and authentic wants. While retrograde, Venus can bring a deep awareness about how much you are trading off your own happiness for the sake of someone else’s.

Venus in Gemini – Picking Up the Pace

Monday morning brought the New Moon in Gemini, which may give a taste of what’s to come when Venus arrives. The next few days may be about speeding up a plodding pace for a swift and more mentally agile way to enjoy life and connect with others.

Venus in Gemini

After being in her home sign since June 6, Venus has now shifted into fun and flirty Gemini. In Taurus, one of her ruling signs, Venus is focused on stability and material comforts. There’s a certain hold steady element to Venus while in the Bull’s sign. Although giving, she’s reluctant to move forward without certainty of outcome.

Planetary Weather- 23 – 30 May

Tuesday sees Venus leave her home sign of Taurus and enter busy, curious and flirty Gemini. Her entrance into the sign of the twins will shift the pleasure principle from the physical realm to the cerebral. Venus in Taurus prefers quality whereas variety is the spice of life in Gemini.

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