Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries

Venus adopts a solo vibe while in Aries, so you may prefer to spend more time luxuriating in your own passion pursuits, rather than accommodating the wants or demands of others.

Full Moon in Libra

Not only is the lunation at the final degree of Libra, the lunation ruler Venus, is also at her final degree of Pisces, a sign she’s been potently powerful in. Together, this suggests that this Full Moon hangs on a choice based on Venus.

Mars in Taurus- Plodding Progress

Cosmically, we are now being asked to embrace ‘consistent action.’ Mars in Taurus is a very committed placement. Before making an investment, careful consideration of time, energy and resources is evaluated. Once a decision is made, either yes or no, then good luck in changing the mind of a Mars in Taurus native!

Venus Retrograde in Aries

In Aries, the sign of the self, Venus already has difficulty in expressing her true nature of unifying and connecting. While retrograde, connecting with the ‘self’ becomes intensified. You might come to the conclusion that something you’re investing a lot of personal energy into is no longer worth it.
Feeling unappreciated for you efforts in love or friendship may also be heightened over the next 40 days.

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