The Cancer New Moon & The Psychopomp

Shortly after my 43rd birthday and entering an 8th House profection year, I had a strong urge to do some form of ancestral work. One Saturday afternoon (Saturn’s day) under a Cancer Moon, I felt the need to go through a whole bunch of family memorabilia I decided I didn’t want to keep anymore.

Predicting with Profections

In this webinar, we’ll explore the Hellenistic time lord system known as annual profections. This elegant and surprisingly simple system hones in on your most dominant planet for a given time period.
I’ll show you how I combine techniques such as secondary progressions, firdaria, solar returns and even the concepts of horary (my personal favourite) to help you define the planetary themes for a given time period.

Profections- Birthdays and Changes in Direction

I’m on the eve of my 41st birthday.

Ever since I was a kid, before I know much else about astrology except that I’m a Cancer, I always looked forward to what I described as the ‘personal New Year.’
I never have much liked the month of May, it always felt a bit like Winter before the Spring-like feel of a birthday and a fresh start.

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