New Moon

Mars square Neptune

Mars will square Neptune at 21 degrees, while in its own Egyptian Terms. Mars in Gemini has an extra martial quality then. This may help you get to the bottom of a perplexing question, make confident choices despite not knowing the details or help you to lift the lid on your own desires.

New Moon Magic

I’ve had a quite a few requests asking me about New Moon rituals and how I create my vision board for the astrological New Year.
For YEARS, I’ve created a vision board under each New Moon in Aries and in this video, I share tips and tricks about how you can personalise your own vision board to bring magic and success into your sphere.

New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

While only a partial eclipse, what makes this one especially powerful is its partile opposition to intense Pluto. This cosmic tension may trigger a death/rebirth experience, one of the hallmarks of Pluto’s realm

It’s Cancer Season – Winter Solstice and New Moon

This week sees 4 planets cuddle up in Cancer. This may bring some sweet relief after the intense energy of last week’s Sun/Saturn opposition. Cancer is the Zodiac’s first water sign and is also cardinal, making this sign both emotional and dynamic, tender and tenacious.

New Moon in Cancer

This is one of the most exciting New Moon’s of the year as this lunation brings an alignment with Sirius, a Fixed Star associated with fame, honours and success. 
Mercury and Venus are also cuddled up super close to the New Moon, suggesting that communication will help you gain the support you need. Help isn’t far away, you just have to ask. 

New Moon in Gemini

Under this New Moon, make a promise to connect with those special people in your life that boost your spirits and make you buzz with energy. We all have that one friend that doesn’t matter how much time passes between speaking, you always pick up from where you left off, just like it was yesterday.

Astro Weather 30 May- 5 June

This week is set to bring plenty of astro- action that will culminate in a New Moon. Where possible, finish lingering projects that you’ve been procrastinating on, or, start a to-do list that will help organise and refine your most important goals and intentions. Where possible, stop, rest and reflect before rushing into to anything. After the New Moon is the best time to put your plans into action.

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