A Few Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde

Rather than over – relying on facts and data, lean into magic and possibility. Stretch your mind into what’s possible rather than what’s probable. Allow Mercury to guide your mind and soul into the mysteries and magic that busyness and distraction of everyday life doesn’t make room for.

Mercury square Mars – Thoughts, Feeling, Action

Mercury likes to deal with facts, data and information, which emotions and feelings, governed by water, are the antithesis of.
Mars is at home in Aries. It’s strong, powerful and willful. It likes to do what it wants and cares very little for the sensitivities of the crab.
The superior square from Mars further brutalises cuddly and sensitive Mercury in Cancer.

Solstice Celebrations

With the stillness of the Sun, combined with the fullness of the Moon, use this time of stillness and reflection to ponder and plan the broad horizons you want to explore in the upcoming year.

Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Thinking planet Mercury joins this eclipse suggesting that new ideas or insights could blossom. Networking, communication, a piece of information or a profound conversation may hold the key to shifting your perspectives. New ideas around what to keep and what to let go of is a big theme of this eclipse.

Mercury…Saying Yes and Committing

Today’s supportive sextile between Mercury and Jupiter paved the way for some big new opportunities. With Mercury and Jupiter at 15 degrees of Sagittarius and Libra respectively, the world is your oyster if you’re prepared to think big!

Mercury, Getting Sick and Pushing 40

I love profections. I find them one of the most telling predictive tools in my astrological toolkit and is something I spend a fair amount of time analysing when you have a consultation with me.
However, sometimes like doctors, astrologers make the worst patients in the sense that we don’t always spend time considering the finite points of our own charts!

Weekend Astrology 28- 31 July

The heavens have been a little quiet this week with the most action coming from Mercury.
Yesterday (Wednesday), he made an electric aspect to Uranus, which proved for many, including myself, to be the bearer of good news! I hope you got a good dose of cosmic connections, a new perspective or a bright idea about how to move forward.

Mercury, Jupiter And A Link To The Future

Mercury is fast approaching the last aspect he’ll make while in the sign of Gemini- to none other than exciting, electric and dynamic Uranus.
Be on the lookout for good news, a piece of information that comes out of the blue or a breakthrough regarding a pet project or a great opportunity that will be a gateway to your future.

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