Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Rx Hangovers + Weekend Astro

Now that Mercury is in Libra, he adds a touch of this cardinal or moveable energy to the way we communicate and express our ideas. Social interaction is highlighted, and the exchange of thoughts, ideas and perspectives are emphasised. In a Venus ruled sign, you may find you’ll spend a little extra cash on objects of pleasure or experiences that bring you joy.

Weekend Astrology 28- 31 July

The heavens have been a little quiet this week with the most action coming from Mercury.
Yesterday (Wednesday), he made an electric aspect to Uranus, which proved for many, including myself, to be the bearer of good news! I hope you got a good dose of cosmic connections, a new perspective or a bright idea about how to move forward.

Mercury and the Full Moon- Refill Your Cup

Mercury and Pluto’s previous entanglement occurred late December where situations surrounding communication, the way we think and our thoughts are back on the table. Caution with your minds inner workings, words and logic may be required as Pluto’s obsessive nature combined with Mercury’s trickery can confuse or skew issues that can be easily solved by paying closer attention.

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