Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo – Mentally Methodical

The strategic and process-orientated qualities of Mercury in Virgo remind me of the phrase, “prior preparation prevents poor performance.” In which areas of your life can you adopt a more detailed approach? Where can you make well-thought-out adjustments that support your endeavours. Where do you need to take a little extra time to sift through details?

Weekend Astro- Libra Equinox + Mercury Direct

This balance between day and night, light and dark, the Sun and the Moon is further emphasised by Jupiter’s current transit in Libra. The Great Benefic in the social and diplomatic sign can operate like a form of social lubricant, but if the scales are out of balance and can’t be brought back into equilibrium….well, we need look no further than Brad and Angelina to see how that can pan out.

Mercury In Virgo- Data, Details and Preparation

Mercury likes to move fast whereas Virgo, being an Earth sign, likes to take time. Virgo likes to collect all the details and data and slowly process them before making a decision. This combination lends itself to critical thinking, strategic planning and dealing with life’s mundane and logistical details.

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