New Moon in Aquarius – The Calm Before the Storm

While not an eclipse, this New Moon will set the foundation for the month of February which we’ll see a lunar eclipse on the 11th and a solar eclipse on the 27th…the change is coming!
Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and unlike his celestial neighbour Capricorn, he prefers to be outside of limits, the boundaries and the norm. As an air sign, Aquarius is full of bright ideas

Mars Square Saturn- Nearly, But Not Yet…

For the next 4 weeks, all planets are in direct motion, something that hasn’t occurred since February 2013. While this sounds like a smooth road ahead and an ideal start for the New Year period, there are some factors to this week that feel as though things are not quite coming together, at least not yet.

Mars in Capricorn- Secrets to Success

This week has the potential to be an astro-game changer as action planet Mars FINALLY changes signs. Normally, Mars would charge through a Zodiac sign in about 6 weeks, however, he’s passed through only 2 signs since January. This is an extremely slow transit for a planet who likes to initiate action.

Saturn, Neptune and Swimming Pools

When it comes to swimming, whether you’re the type of person who likes to elegantly dive in, tip toe and feel your way through the water or just bomb dive in, most people will attest the feeling of being refreshed, re-invigorated and renewed. It’s almost like you’re metaphorically washing something away- your thoughts, your fears, your problems, or maybe you simply like that fresh feeling on your skin.

Mercury and Jupiter- Manifesting Luck

Today and tomorrow (April 14 and 15) brings supportive bonds between Mercury and Jupiter.
Being the jolly gas giant that he is, Jupiter offers buoyancy and a touch of luck to Mercury, who is currently stuck in a slow sign and applying the pre-retrograde breaks.

Saturn’s Retrograde Through Sagittarius

Saturn is known as astrology’s ‘bad guy’. When a major Saturn period comes knocking, his arrival is often anticipated with dread. Even those who consider themselves on good terms with Saturn will climb the uphill road with teeth clenched.

Astro Weather 21- 27 March

This weeks astro weather brings a plethora of energy to the heavens. Key players this week are Mercury and Venus and with a Lunar Eclipse in the middle of it all, this week may end up very different to how it started.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces- I Dunno

For the past few days, I have had friends and fellow astrologers alike ask me what is my take on Wednesday’s eclipse. I did my best to offer something relatively insightful and inspiring. As my mind pondered, I could sense the lag from brain to tongue, endeavouring to not simply blurt out, “I dunno.”

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