A Few Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde

Rather than over – relying on facts and data, lean into magic and possibility. Stretch your mind into what’s possible rather than what’s probable. Allow Mercury to guide your mind and soul into the mysteries and magic that busyness and distraction of everyday life doesn’t make room for.

Full Moon in Capricorn + Reformulating the Plan

Unlike the hopeful optimism of a New Moon, Full Moons allow us to clearly see what was previously invisible. This week, a giant spotlight will illuminate your goals, commitments and how you choose to spend your time. Important choices can be made that bring you into alignment with your biggest priorities.

Cosmic Catalogue May 7 – 13

I thought I’d put a post up outlining the cosmic weather of this week! If you enjoy aligning your hopes, goals and dreams with the universe, then you might like to subscribe to my newsletter. Each week you’ll get an email like this post, offering tips and insights about how to work with the upcoming weather!

Full Moon in Gemini, Stalled Details

That is one of the reasons I love astrology. It can help us describe the nature of time. Although the topic of this blog post is the Full Moon, it’s impossible to discuss this lunation without outlining the current Mercury/Saturn tango.

Birthdays and the Progressed Moon

In case you didn’t know, I recently had a birthday. It wasn’t just any birthday. It was my 40th. There were no champagne corks popping, parties or middle aged (did I just say that?) cruises to anywhere fancy. It was a lovely dinner for two out in the city and the big day itself was a trip to Byron Bay.

Full Moon in Libra

There’s a lot going on astrologically in the sky right now. Tuesday morning sees Mercury station retrograde in Taurus and by the evening, a brilliant Full Moon in Libra will rise in the east alongside Jupiter.

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