Sun Square Saturn – The Nail and the Hammer

I admit it, I’m not great friends with Saturn. To me he is like one of those people you might describe as, ‘you’ve got to know him to appreciate him.’ We all know someone like that. Be it their unique brand of humour, dry wit or that person who has no filter between brain and tongue. Perhaps they are that person who you can’t stand on first meeting, but over time, they grow on you.

Saturn is like that for me. I wouldn’t say I like him, but over time, I can appreciate what he brings to the table.
I wrote a bit of a rant post last night about the Moon in Scorpio, which also opposed Mars. I did fail to overlook the building square between the Sun and Saturn though.

As Saturn is in the last leg of his tour of Sagittarius, it feels as though his final transits are heavier. In case you didn’t know, Saturn has been in Sadge since late 2015 and will leave December this year, not to return for several decades. So, you’d be forgiven for thinking life is a bit of a marathon right now as it’s the last few kilometres that are the most gruelling.

Saturn is also at 27 degrees…the degree he will station retrograde next month. A planet at a standstill is at its most intense. Saturn is at its heaviest now. The wall may seem a little higher. The mountain a little steeper. Or the hole a little deeper. Depending on your own situation of course.



The Sun moves to 27 degrees of Pisces later today, which happens to be the exaltation degree of Venus. I was reminded of that this morning after returning home to see a beautiful hibiscus in my front garden- full, open and smiling back at the Sun.

As the Sun moves to form a square aspect to Saturn, I’m reminded of how the lights (the Sun and the Moon) have an adverse relationship to Saturn. Saturn is the last planet we can see with the naked eye. He signifies limits, time, fear, duty, responsibility, death. He represents the dark, the Sun is our brightest light. The Sun shines light on who we are at our core. When everything else is stripped back.


That question can be confronting and is one that comes up often in client sessions. Who were you before life tainted your view of the world or your view of yourself? Who were you before other people’s opinions mattered? Who were you before bills had to be paid or the deadline had to be met? Who were you before your heart was broken or the world told you no? I could go on and on here, but I think you get my point.

One of the most powerful exercises to remind yourself of who you are is to remember one of your favourite childhood memories. How old were you? What were you doing? How did you feel? This can assist you in tapping back into your core being…before the weight of the world was your shoulders.

As the Sun and Saturn link via the challenge inducing square you may need to peel back some of the external layers to reveal your truest and most authentic self again. Saturn’s current placement in your birth chart may highlight what needs to be stripped back, like sanding old wood to reveal the beauty of its grain, it’s authentic self.


Saturn is the taskmaster of the cosmos, so at some level there is no escaping the reality of work. In fact, Saturn responds to hard work and rewards it well. Saturn wants you to complete what you started. He wants you to focus on what truly matters to you.

Saturn may highlight some fears or perceptions of lack. This could be your ideal job, your perfect partner, or your bank account. Someone I once knew who had the Sun conjunct Saturn always used the phrase ‘there is always room for improvement.’ No matter how much positive thinking, gratitude or love and light some people may throw out there, deep down, we all feel lack or the need to improve our lives in some way. That is just the reality of Saturn. Although you may not be able to make immediate improvements on a situation right now, you could most certainly take a small step forward. Make the choice call your fears, your anxieties or your limiting beliefs by what they are and choose to step out of the shadow and into the light.

This process may also involve claiming some of the realities or structures that act as the vehicle of your self-expression. This may be the part time job you endure while you study or save up for something special. It could be the full-time job you hate but it pays the bills and for your family holiday at Christmas.
A recent comment on my Facebook Astro page really summed up this aspect ‘some days you’re the nail, other’s you’re the hammer.’
The pressure you feel now can help clarify choices and eradicate confusion. Like the child you once were, without confusion or pressure, you can let your most authentic light shine.

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